Revive, Thrive, Empower: Unlocking the Full Potential of Recovery

By Othy Morris on November 23, 2023

Sun City, AZ – Rest Recovery Wellness, an alternative approach to health and wellness, recently opened its newest location in Sun City, Arizona. This newest location is operated by Josh Smothers.. The Sun City location offers several services to help you recover from injuries or just soreness from spending too much time at Lake Pleasant Regional Park.

Rest Recovery Wellness boasts state-of-the-art equipment that sets them apart from other recovery centers. They offer standard services such as cold water immersion, infrared sauna, red light and near-red light therapy and compression therapy. The service you won’t find anywhere else locally is RRW’s hyperbaric oxygen treatment or HBOT.

Josh Smothers

“We aim to provide all members and the community with a safe, non-invasive natural path toward enhancing their mental and physical wellness,” Josh stated. “We do this by delivering transformative results through science-backed modalities.”

In his explanation on the benefits of HBOT, Smothers explained that humans usually breathe air that contains only 21% oxygen. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment uses a pressurized capsule filled with pure oxygen that promotes healing while simultaneously increasing energy levels and boosting the immune system.

Coming from a lengthy career in supply chain logistics, Josh opted to start the Sun City location for Rest Recovery Wellness to spend more time helping the surrounding communities by empowering their people to lead healthier lives. Josh also played soccer for 26 years, making a recovery center the ideal option for running his own business.

Whether you suffer from general pain from old injuries or inflammation issues, Josh wants the local community to know that there are effective alternatives to pills and medication. Rest Recovery Wellness hopes to educate both its members and the community about the latest advancements in wellness. Members have unlimited access to all the facility’s cutting-edge practices. Memberships are month to month and can include up to 4 HBOT treatments. Student athlete memberships and veteran discounts are available.

If you’re in the Sun City, Arizona area and could use a little pain relief that doesn’t come from a bottle, or if you just want to learn more about Rest Recovery Wellness’s approach to health, stop by and visit Josh Smothers. He’d love to show you around and share details of what his company offers the community.

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