Revive Your Car’s Brilliance: Hassle-Free Vehicle Pickup Auto Detailing with Shine Moore!

By Timothy W. Joseph on July 2, 2023

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Lawrence County, OH – Are you tired of the hassle and inconvenience of taking your car to a crowded auto detailing shop only to endure long wait times and disruptions to your schedule? Revive your love for your pristine car without the hassle and inconvenience of traditional detailing shops. Meet Shawn Moore, the passionate owner of Shine Moore Auto Detailing, who has revolutionized the industry by bringing top-notch auto detailing services right to your doorstep.

Shawn Moore

With a commitment to exceptional service and a keen understanding of the frustrations that car owners face, Shawn’s vehicle pickup detailing service offers convenience, quality, and a renewed sense of pride in your vehicle. Say goodbye to long waits and inconvenient appointments – let Shine Moore Auto Detailing transform your car into a shining masterpiece, all at your convenience.

With Shine Moore Auto Detailing, your car receives meticulous attention and a comprehensive range of services. From an expert exterior hand wash and dry to a flawless hand wax that restores the luster of your vehicle’s paint, every detail will be perfect. The interior is not overlooked either, as the skilled crew at Shine Moore meticulously shampoos the seats and scrubs away dirt and grime, leaving your car’s interior fresh and rejuvenated.

Shawn understands that people spend significant time in their vehicles, especially during road trips or daily commutes. That’s why his mission is to make your car feel like home. By delivering exceptional detailing services, Shawn ensures that your car becomes a comfortable and inviting space that you can truly enjoy.

Located in Lawrence County, Ohio, Shine Moore Auto Detailing proudly serves the local community with a commitment to excellence and a personal touch. As a resident of Lawrence himself, Shawn’s ties to the community run deep. Today, he and his wife, an HR administrator and his rock, are raising their children in Lawrence County, creating a strong foundation for their family and business.

Growing up in foster care from the age of 4 to 18, he faced numerous challenges before finding stability and support. At one point, he even ended up homeless and addicted to drugs. Unfortunately, like most people in similar situations, it took Shawn hitting the rock bottom of barely making it through the 2014 Elk River Chemical spill incident only to be dumped by his then girlfriend.

Giving his life to God was a turning point that helped him overcome challenges and reshape his path. “I got a job offer and moved back to Lawrence; it has been getting better ever since then. I reconnected with my high school sweetheart; she pulled me out of the dumps. She even got me enrolled in college.” Inspired by his faith, Shawn is driven to make a positive impact on the lives of others through his business and community involvement.

When it comes to choosing anything regarding your car, Shawn offers a valuable piece of advice: never settle for the ordinary. Shine Moore Auto Detailing goes above and beyond by providing exceptional service including removing the seats to ensure a thorough and comprehensive cleaning of your entire vehicle.”Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!” is more than just Shawn’s tagline. Those words represent the passion, dedication and unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding results for every customer.

Shine Moore Auto Detailing’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the services they offer. They also provide special discounts for military personnel, first responders, repeat customers and those who refer their services to others.

Discover the convenience, quality and exceptional service of Shine Moore Auto Detailing. Let Shawn bring the shine back to your car while you focus on what matters most. Schedule your appointment today by calling (740) 550-2814 or visiting Shine Moore’s Facebook page at: and experience the difference of a detailing service that goes the extra mile. Let your car shine with Shine Moore Auto Detailing.

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