Revolutionize Inventory Management with Clever Cabinets: The Smart Talking Solution for Streamlined Organization

By Damoniqe Askew on July 18, 2023

Lenekka Portis

Birmingham, AL –  Clever Cabinets is a device that can make cabinets talk and is designed to improve the way people grocery shop. Owner and manager Lenekka Shanell Portis was inspired to create Clever Cabinets in 2010 when she forgot items on her paper grocery list and had to make multiple trips to the store.

But the potential of Clever Cabinets is far beyond grocery shopping. Lenekka is excited about the future of Clever Cabinets and the potential it holds for improving inventory management and efficiency across various industries. Clever Cabinets can be adapted to any industry or consumer home that requires inventory management or keeping count of specific items.

The company’s tagline is “Clever Cabinets LLC – the world’s first smart talking inventory management keeping cabinets.”

Lenekka has identified several potential target markets for Clever Cabinets, including hospitals, auto parts stores, real estate companies and more. She is planning to make Clever Cabinets a global product and has taken steps to protect her trademark.

Lenekka has functional prototypes that can talk in six different languages and plans to expand to more languages in the future. Clever Cabinets are also set up to accommodate people with disabilities such as those who are blind or deaf.

Although there is currently no competition for Clever Cabinets, Lenekka anticipates that as the product gains popularity, others may try to mimic or improve upon her idea. She is open to collaboration and believes that feedback from beta testers will be crucial in further developing and refining the product. Lenekka has secured a round of beta testers at a local company in Birmingham, Alabama, with a company called Beauty Trendz.

Developers - Supul and Hasi

Lenekka has a dedicated team of developers and designers, including Supul, her top PCB designer and Hasi, who is the top software developer on the team. She is extremely grateful to both of them for their talent and out-of-the-box thinking that have been vital in helping bring her vision to life.

Lenekka is determined to make the product  accessible to all income classes. While technology can be costly, the goal is to offer different options including a base model with basic features, a premium model with more advanced features and even a subscription service for those who prefer not to purchase the device outright.

Once the company is fully established, Lenekka plans to contribute to the Cancer Society. She has a personal connection, because she lost her mother to breast cancer in 2009. Additionally, Lenekka is involved with the International Association of Women, a networking group that supports women business owners worldwide.

Lenekka has already secured a patent and trademark for Clever Cabinets. As a member of a minority, she takes pride in achieving these milestones.

Looking ahead, Clever Cabinets LLC may take pre-orders and collaborate with potential investors, hospitals and other companies with the goal of taking the company global.

If you are interested in getting Clever Cabinets in your home or office, please visit For partnership opportunities, please contact Lenekka directly to set up a meeting at 659-895-6397.

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