Roastbusters: A New Approach to Mobile Coffee

By Toby Ethington on June 22, 2024

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Lincoln, NE – Roastbusters Coffee stands out with its unique mobile coffee catering service. Inspired by the cult classic “Ghostbusters,” owner Jeremy Furrow combined his love for coffee and creativity to develop a mobile coffee experience using an existing coffee backpack system. Over the years, he has added his own enhancements and additions, refining the system to its current version 7.0.

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“We bring the best parts of a coffee shop to the people, interacting with them and taking them out of their day,” says Jeremy.

Roastbusters Coffee provides mobile coffee catering, hot and cold brew coffee, custom flavoring and creamers, event catering for offices, grand openings, and more.

Ideal for Offices and Events

Roastbusters Coffee primarily caters to office buildings, employee appreciation days, grand openings, and ribbon-cutting events. The backpack system is self-contained, needing no external power or water sources, making it perfect for various settings. It can hold 40 cups at a time and serve a staff of 50 in just 15-20 minutes.

What Sets Roastbusters Coffee Apart

Unlike traditional coffee shops and catering services, Roastbusters Coffee brings the coffee directly to you. With music from an 80’s playlist and a fun, engaging setup, the service creates an interactive coffee experience that people remember. “We don’t need a drain, power, or anything else. It’s all self-contained,” explains Jeremy. This innovative approach allows the service to cater floor-to-floor, desk-to-desk, ensuring minimal disruption to the workday.

A Journey of Passion and Persistence

Jeremy’s journey with coffee began in college, where he opened a coffee shop and later a coffee truck. Despite initial challenges, his passion for coffee never waned. After years of refining the concept and reducing startup costs, he finally launched Roastbusters Coffee in August 2019. “I always wanted to bring something new to people and make coffee an enjoyable, accessible experience,” he shares.

Mobile Coffee Experience

Although Jeremy did not originally create the Roastbusters Coffee backpack, he has significantly enhanced it over the years. Currently at version 7.0, it features dual tanks for hot and cold brew, a liquid creamer dispenser, and a variety of flavoring options. The setup is efficient, allowing for quick service at events. “We can serve 75-90 cups in an hour,” Jeremy notes, highlighting the service’s efficiency and appeal for large gatherings.

roastbusters_mobile coffee logo

Community and Growth

Roastbusters Coffee is deeply rooted in the Lincoln community, with a service area extending 100 miles to include Omaha, York, Seward, Columbus, Beatrice, and Kearney. The business has catered over 15,000 cups of coffee to 215 different clients. “We love working with nonprofits, schools, and churches, offering a standing discount to help out,” says Jeremy.

Personal and Professional Growth

Jeremy attributes much of his success to the support from his community and his faith. “People in my circle believed in this enough to support it financially,” he recalls. This generosity has been a cornerstone of his journey, along with his commitment to family and community. Jeremy’s wife runs social media and marketing, and their nine-year-old daughter is already learning the ropes, helping with the business.

Customer Reviews

Roastbusters Coffee has received glowing feedback from its customers. Here are a few highlights:

  • “Came to my place of work today. Very impressive setup and a fun, novel way to cater coffee. 10/10. The coffee itself was also very good! Excellent customer service too!”
  • “The Roastbuster is a hoot!”
  • “Jeremy was very friendly to staff. The music, the outfit, etc., brings a lot of smiles to staff’s faces.”
  • “Great people. Great coffee.”

Choosing the Right Coffee Experience

Jeremy emphasizes the importance of knowing the base drink and exploring new flavors. “There’s nothing like a solid cold brew or hot cup on a brisk morning. Keep trying new things, and you’ll surprise yourself,” he advises.

Future Plans and Innovations

Roastbusters Coffee is constantly evolving. Jeremy is working on a franchise model to expand the business. “There’s no template for this. We’re writing it as we go,” he says. The goal is to make Roastbusters Coffee a nationwide sensation, offering a unique and engaging coffee experience.


Roastbusters Coffee offers a one-of-a-kind mobile coffee catering service that brings the joy of a coffee shop directly to you. With its innovative setup, engaging presentation, and commitment to quality, Roastbusters Coffee is redefining how people enjoy their coffee. If you’re looking for an interactive coffee experience that combines fun and flavor, Roastbusters Coffee is your go-to choice.

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