Roderick Sheppard: Revolutionizing Golf Experiences in Central Florida

By Timothy W. Joseph on June 15, 2023

CF Scrimble

Orlando, FL – Roderick Sheppard, a passionate golf enthusiast and the founder of Central Florida Scramble Golf Network, is on a mission to transform the way golf events are organized and experienced in Orlando and surrounding areas. With his unique approach to scramble events and a deep love for the sport, Sheppard is creating a vibrant community that celebrates golf while connecting with local professionals and embracing the beauty of Central Florida.

Scramble events are popular in the golfing community. This is where players form teams and compete against each other. Sheppard’s network orchestrates these events, offering exciting prizes and unforgettable experiences.

Roderick Sheppard

As a passionate golfer himself, Sheppard saw an opportunity to bring together golf enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels, providing them with an avenue to connect and enjoy the sport. Central Florida Scramble Golf Network not only organizes scramble events, but also is launching a podcast where local golf professionals will be interviewed, showcasing their expertise and sharing valuable insights with the golfing community.

The network primarily serves Orlando and the surrounding area, often referred to as the golfing capital of the world. Sheppard’s vision is to create a platform that caters to all ages and backgrounds, breaking barriers and uniting individuals who share a common love for golf. For Central Florida Scramble Golf Network, their events transcend age and gender, as Sheppard believes that golf is a sport that brings people together, regardless of their backgrounds or living situations.

Central Florida Scramble Golf Network is primarily a one-person operation led by Roderick Sheppard. However, he acknowledges the invaluable contributions of Lana from Winter Park Pines Golf Club, Brett Thompson and Jacob Brenyo in helping him organize and bring these events to life. Their collaborative efforts have been instrumental in the network’s success, ensuring that participants have unforgettable experiences on the greens.

For Sheppard, the journey into the golfing industry is deeply personal. Golf became a transformative outlet for him during a challenging period in his life when he was battling addiction. The mental challenges presented by the sport helped him gain a broader perspective on life, teaching him the importance of resilience and focus. Sheppard’s passion for golf is evident in his dedication to Central Florida Scramble Golf Network, as he strives to create an experience that transcends the game itself, providing a sense of fulfillment and camaraderie to all involved

Central Florida Scramble Golf Network

Since its inception in 2021, Central Florida Scramble Golf Network has quickly gained popularity, organizing successful events at renowned golf courses such as Winter Park Pines Golf Club (WP18) and Casselberry Golf Club. What sets Sheppard’s network apart from the competition is the focus on affordability and building a tight-knit community. By offering participants the opportunity to play for less than $100, Sheppard passes the savings along to the group, creating an inclusive environment where everyone can enjoy the game.

Born and raised in Florida, Sheppard has deep roots in the Orlando community. As a testament to his love for the area, he actively engages in local activities and supports community initiatives. Sheppard’s involvement in the Protected King Chess Club is one example of  his diverse interests beyond golf.

If you’re looking to enhance your golfing experience, connect with Central Florida Scramble Golf Network today! Visit their website at to learn more about their upcoming scramble events, where you can participate and win exciting prizes.

You can also join their vibrant community of golf enthusiasts by becoming a member of their Facebook group at

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