Roofing is a science, a system and an art

By Deb DiBiasie on March 8, 2021

JR Garcia of Elite Roof Systems is a Junior to his Dad. They both work in the roofing industry. JR’s dad introduced him to the roofing industry when he was very young, so everybody referred to him as “junior” because they share the same name.

When he branched out with his own company, he felt the need to grow out of being called “junior” and decide to switch things up a bit to J.R., which sounds a little more mature. He named his company Elite Roof Systems because they drop down the top systems in the industry, “Elite” is because they are second to none with these roofing systems. When we are on the roof, we always want to set a high standard. We are GAF certified; all our roofs come with a 50-year warranty

“When I really understood this business, I recognized the need to be efficient if I wanted to scale, so there had to be a systematic approach to each job. Each job is executed through a step-by-step system that includes certain roofing components in a specific combination.” For example, on a total roof replacement, first is the removal of every single thing in that old roof system.

Then they replace every single component with brand new materials. Systematically, it begins with a synthetic underlayment, then you apply the drip edge metal, which goes around the perimeter of the house, then you add the starter strip shingles, then add the high-definition shingles, then take care of all the pipe jack flashings, then all the ventilation flashing, it’s a process.

Unfortunately, all too often, roofers don’t do that. Many of them do take shortcuts, some will reuse pipe jack flashings, some won’t install drip edge metal, or some won’t install the proper starter strip shingle.

There are a lot of areas where roofing companies can save a few dollars and put a less inferior system on by reusing some of the old materials or by using lesser quality materials. JR is a seasoned expert that realizes that a roof is one of the most important investments related to a home, a secure roof protects everything inside the dwelling. A roof is one of the last things you want to take shortcuts on, just to save a few dollars.

The majority of his calls are complete roof replacements for both commercial and residential. However, they take service calls in the off months when a quick repair is necessary.

They are always safety conscious and take all the proper precautions not to put the home or the homeowners in any type of jeopardy. We take all proper precautions as far as social distancing and facial coverings, hand washing, and everything we can to protect ourselves and our clients.  Another precaution is that my guys know a number one thing before they climb onto that roof is that they better have their wasp spray, exposing bees’ nests is common.

Elite Systems delivers services in Reno Sparks or Carson City area, which is Washoe County, Lyon, Persian, and Churchill counties, and those surrounding areas as well.

JR is feeling very blessed to be entering into his fourth year of business, especially during the pandemic. It was tough for the area; however, he only experienced a small slow down and was able to keep his guys working. His company has been super fortunate to have work to keep everybody busy through the crazy weather as well, at a time when sadly, most businesses are suffering.

“When it comes to customer attention, we don’t let anything fall through the cracks. We always like to listen to the exact needs of each client from their experience of being in the dwelling. Customers appreciate that, and we love feedback and to give the customer the attention with the quick response they deserve.”

When we get a call for an estimate, we don’t want to keep people waiting for weeks and weeks for a simple roof proposal. We use satellite software which helps us get proposals submitted as quickly and accurately as possible.

Being a second-generation roofer, he grew up in the roofing. His uncles and his dad were all roofers in the area since the ’90s. JR was always that kid that they would take to jobs on the weekends to help. Growing up in that element taught him important skills at an early age which helps him in running his own professional operation. He saw what it took for these guys to be out there hustling, especially back then with the pay was super low, these guys were working six to seven days a week, eight to hours ten hours a day for eleven to twelve dollars an hour, and it is hump work.

Working his way all the way up from the very bottom because he would get no special preference, even though he was young, they treated him like one of the guys, was a true blessing.

JR said his dad did not want him to be a roofer, and he had hoped by taking him on the jobs that he would scare him away from the trade. However, roofing is in his blood. He feels fortunate and blessed to be able to start building a good company here for the local area, where he grew up. Elite Roofing Systems graciously offers special discount offers to the local area military and elderly, as well.

JR’s young family of 4 knows that Sundays during football season is one of those off-limit days for the most part as it is the only day, he feels that he can sit back and just relax.  Now that JR’s son is getting involved with soccer and football, he believes he will sponsor a team and hopefully will have more time to be involved in the community through local youth sports.

Right now, Elite Roofing employs three full time with 2 seasonal employees. What makes them stand out is the level of experience they have in the industry, especially being younger than most in this industry with this level of experience. This allows JR to guide customers to the best decisions for them, and they know he knows what he is talking about, it gives them comfort. What they love too, is our attention to customer service. At the end of the day, when most roofers just want to call it quits, JR uses that time to call clients and find out how things are going and if we are meeting their expectations. “Follow-up is very important, it makes customers know how much I care about their satisfaction, I do my best to make sure that they’re being honored and respected, people will go with people that honor and respect their clients, as an A+ rated company with the BBB.

Elite Roofing System is operated by experienced, top-rated personnel, dedicated to delivering quality. Right now, his only goal is to keep guys busy doing what he loves to do, expose the business to as many opportunities as possible, with a family of 6 to support. Fortunately, he has a very strong beautiful wife that keeps everything at home running perfectly while she cares for a set of 8-month-old twins, a 10-year-old son, and a 7-year-old daughter. They are a great team.

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