Shining a Light on Sustainability: Kings Solar Pros’ Journey to a Greener Tomorrow

By Christina Robbins on February 29, 2024

Green Energy

Murrieta, CA – Kings Solar Pros provides comprehensive renewable energy consulting, focusing on solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, storage solutions, and even roofing replacement or repairs when combined with solar projects. In the world of sustainable living and green innovation, Kings Solar Pros shines as a beacon of integrity and forward-thinking.

Green Energy

Founded by Marisa Fletcher, a visionary entrepreneur with a rich background in real estate, Kings Solar Pros extends the royal treatment to renewable energy solutions. The company’s name, a nod to Fletcher’s real estate venture, Kings Realty Groups, symbolizes a commitment to helping individuals claim sovereignty over their energy needs and environmental impact.

The core issue that Fletcher and her team tackle is the lack of transparency within the solar industry. Misinformation, particularly regarding tax credits and the financial implications of leasing versus owning solar systems, is rampant. Fletcher’s approach is a breath of fresh air; she prioritizes honesty, focusing on the long-term benefits and impacts of solar adoption on property value and legacy.

Operating throughout California, Kings Solar Pros caters to a broad demographic, with a particular focus on the forward-looking millennial generation. These are individuals who are not just planning for the present but are actively preparing for future advancements, be it in electric vehicles (EVs), home improvements or sustainable living practices. With over three and a half years in the solar industry and two decades in real estate, Fletcher brings a unique perspective to her clients, blending in-depth property knowledge with renewable energy expertise.

What sets Kings Solar Pros apart is Fletcher’s dual role as a solar realtor. This unique position allows her to offer personalized solutions that consider the long-term implications of solar installations on property values and marketability. Her consultative approach has garnered trust and appreciation from clients, many of whom commend her for her transparency and dedication to their best interests.

Fletcher’s journey into the solar industry was motivated by a desire to fill a gap she observed in the market. Clients frequently approached her with solar-related queries and issues, revealing a significant demand for trustworthy advice and services. Recognizing this, Fletcher, and her husband, who works alongside her, decided to expand their real estate business to include solar solutions, aiming to provide a holistic service to their clients.

Located in Murrieta, within the Inland Empire, Kings Solar Pros serves as a testament to Fletcher’s commitment to her community and the environment. The company not only addresses the immediate energy needs of its clients but also contributes to broader sustainability goals. Fletcher’s personal experience with solar—having installed systems on her own properties—underscores her authentic commitment to the cause.

Kings Solar Pros extends its impact beyond energy solutions. Fletcher’s involvement in charitable activities, including literacy programs for women in India and home-building projects in Ensenada, reflects a deep-seated commitment to global community development. The company’s motto, “Where we live, love, and panel the planet,” perfectly encapsulates its mission to harness renewable energy for a brighter, more sustainable future.

In a realm fraught with misinformation and short-term thinking, Kings Solar Pros emerges as a leader in sustainable energy solutions, guided by integrity, expertise, and a genuine desire to make a difference. For those embarking on their solar journey, Fletcher’s message is clear: solar is not just the future; it’s a present opportunity to make informed, impactful choices for the planet and for generations to come.

Empowering Your Future with Solar: Discover how Kings Solar Pros is revolutionizing renewable energy and supporting local communities.

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