Solar Find Savings: Illuminating the Path to Sustainable Energy Solutions

By Christina Robbins on March 1, 2024

Solar Find Savings

In the vast expanse of the solar and energy market, finding a trustworthy consultant who genuinely prioritizes customer needs can be as challenging as finding a needle in a haystack. However, Solar Find Savings emerges as a beacon of hope, led by the visionary CEO and owner, Eric Dickens. With a unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise, Eric and his company have set a new standard in the solar energy consulting space. Here’s how Solar Find Savings is leading the charge towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Solar Find Savings

The Genesis of Solar Find Savings

The inception of Solar Find Savings was driven by a simple yet profound realization: homeowners and business owners alike were in dire need of a one-stop-shop for all their solar and energy needs. Amidst a sea of options, what stood out was the absence of a guiding light—a role that Eric, fueled by his firsthand experience as a customer turned consultant, decided to undertake. Solar Find Savings was born out of the necessity for transparency, education and a comprehensive understanding of the solar industry.

A Customer-First Approach

What truly sets Solar Find Savings apart is Eric’s journey from being a customer to becoming an expert in the field. Since embracing solar energy for his home in 2015, Eric has navigated the complexities of the solar market both as a consumer and as a consultant. This dual perspective ensures that Solar Find Savings doesn’t just offer solutions but empathizes with and understands the customer’s journey.

Services that Shine Bright

Solar Find Savings specializes in finding and recommending the best solar and energy products and services tailored to individual needs. By covering all of Southern California and extending their expertise across 24 states including Hawaii, the company ensures that its services are as accessible as they are reliable. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, Solar Find Savings is equipped to illuminate your path to solar savings.

The Ideal Solar Partner

The ideal customer for Solar Find Savings is as broad as the range of solutions the company offers. Homeowners and business owners, regardless of age or gender, who seek transparency, education and a genuine understanding of their energy needs will find Solar Find Savings to be their ideal partner. Since its establishment in 2015, the company has been committed to serving as a trusted advisor in the solar energy space.

Standing Out in the Solar Space

What truly distinguishes Solar Find Savings in the competitive landscape is Eric’s personal journey with solar energy and his commitment to customer satisfaction. Partnering with a variety of companies, both big and small, Eric’s extensive experience enables him to discern the best from the rest. This customer-first approach, combined with a deep understanding of what to look for in solar solutions, positions Solar Find Savings as the go-to consultant for anyone looking to make an informed decision about solar energy.

The Drive Behind the Mission

Eric’s foray into the solar business was a natural progression from being an advocate for solar energy among friends to recognizing the opportunity to make a broader impact. With an engineering background and a keen eye for detail, Eric saw the potential to directly assist individuals in navigating the solar market—a market fraught with confusion and, at times, misinformation. His mission is not just about providing services but about being a voice of expertise and integrity in an industry that is pivotal to our sustainable future.

A Nationwide Reach from Southern California

Based in Southern California but operating virtually across the country, Solar Find Savings transcends geographical boundaries to offer unparalleled solar consulting services. This flexibility ensures that no matter where you are in the United States, you can access expert advice and personalized solutions tailored to your unique energy needs.

A Commitment to Making a Difference

One of the most defining moments in Eric’s journey was the realization of the prevalent lack of expertise and ethical consideration within the solar industry. This spurred him to not only enter the business but to do so with the intention of making a genuine difference. At Solar Find Savings, the goal is not just to help customers save on their energy bills but to ensure they are making informed, confident decisions about their energy future.

Solar Find Savings stands as a testament to what can be achieved when expertise meets empathy. With Eric Dickens at the helm, the company is not just a business; it’s a mission to provide transparent, educational, and customer-centric solar energy consulting services. For those looking to embark on their solar journey, Solar Find Savings is your trusted guide, illuminating the path to a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.

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