Small Business Owners In San Diego Are Turning To Malcolm Roberts

By George Sloane on April 20, 2021

Malcolm Roberts

In 2014, a unique opportunity came along for Malcolm Roberts. While working for a larger law firm, Malcolm and his soon-to-be partner, John Landay, had an opportunity to take on a large class-action lawsuit. They saw it as an opportunity to strike out on their own, which they did.

Malcolm tells us, “We were taking a huge chance because we knew it would be many months or even years before we would realize any significant income from the case. But, it was also a great opportunity for us. Fortunately, for us and our clients, we prevailed in the case and secured a settlement, providing hundreds of thousands of dollars in restitution to thousands of students who were delayed in their internships.  It also gave us the basis to move forward with our new practice.”

Malcolm is what we like to call a Local Biz Hero, a self-made entrepreneur and professional who brings true value to his community. The high standards of professionalism and the strong work ethic of small business owners like Malcolm are the backbones of San Diego’s economy.

Every dollar that Malcolm’s practice makes goes back to supporting the local business ecosystem and the community.

We sat down with Malcolm for a quick interview –

Q: Why did you choose law as a profession?

A: “I was an English major in college and thought the law would be an interesting choice because it provided an excellent base for many opportunities in both the legal field and business as well.”

Q: Is there a particular client demographic that you serve?

A: “We tend to focus on small business owners, which make up about 40% of our business. Another 40% are individuals with Personal Injury claims, and the remaining 20% are Class Action matters.”

Q: What are some of the most common mistakes people make that you help them with?

A: “For business owners, I would say not having well-executed contracts is a major source of problems. For individuals, buying property together while being unmarried is a big one.”

Q: So, what sets you apart from the competition? In other words, why should people reading this be inclined to hire you over another attorney?

A: “Well, I guess you’d classify us as a “boutique” litigation firm. I will only take cases I believe in. We’re not a legal mill. I offer free consultations to evaluate cases prior to committing to take them on.  I try to be brutally honest and inform potential clients of their chances of success and obstacles we may run into in the case.  I guess you’d say I try to be a problem solver as well as an attorney.”

Q: So, what is most rewarding about your job as an attorney?

A: “Surely it would be getting good results for my clients. Most folks don’t fully understand the legal process and can find it very stressful.  It’s very rewarding to see the relief for people when cases are successfully completed.”

Q: I’m sure your job can be stressful for you at times, what do you do to relax and for hobbies?

A: “I enjoy running and working out. I’ve participated in the “Tough Mudder” race, a 10-mile obstacle course. I’ve run some marathons, and I enjoy hiking too. And, of course, spending time with my wife and child is big.  Don’t forget about sports. I was born and raised here in San Diego, so I’m a diehard Chargers fan as well.”

Landay Roberts LLP

Malcolm received his J.D. law degree from Loyola Law School, and among numerous honors, he has received, Malcolm is proud of his designation as a California Super Lawyer for both 2020 and 2021.

 For those of you looking for an experienced attorney for any civil litigation or personal injury case, Malcolm Roberts and his team at Landay Roberts LLP should be your first call. You can reach Malcolm at 619-230-5712 or visit – Seriously Great Attorneys!


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