The Alluring Experience

By Jacqui Meeks on June 21, 2021

The Alluring Experience

Lataea Monroe is the owner of The Alluring Experience (TAE) a beauty and cosmetology solutions center in Bear, Delaware.  Her prodigious offerings include makeup artistry, eyelash extensions, body contouring, wig creation and designs, hair weaves, crotchet braids, silk presses, and other natural hair care solutions.

Originally from New Jersey, she relocated to Delaware 25years ago and has made it her home.  She lives close to the business, so her commute is quite short.  While she has serviced her clients at this location for several years, she has recently rebranded and taken full ownership of the business.  This is an exciting and rewarding step as she is actively growing the business and is seeking additional stylists to join her team.  Currently, there are a lash extensions expert and a makeup artist.   The business is conveniently located at 724 Pulaski Hwy Bear, DE and is visible from the Route 40 exchange.

Her path to the beauty and hair world was obvious to her at a young age.  Lataea loves all things hair and its ability to inspire her creative genius, so this was an easy decision as a career path.  She attended and graduated from Cosmetology school in 2012 where she further honed her craft and developed additional skills.  As the primary caretaker of her two amazing sons Kevin and Isaiah, she knew she wanted the flexibility to care for and attend their school affairs and other events.  Being a hairstylist affords her the ability to manage her own time and schedule which is quite liberating for her.

She services a wide demographic of clients from children to adults.  Her clients travel across state lines for her services as she is excellent at her craft.  Her manner is mild and friendly while being professional, so she is easy to work with.  She is very attentive to the needs of her clients and listens attentively to their requests.  There is no shortage of praise for her work as is evidenced by hundreds of reviews across platforms. One reviewer state “Amazing every time!  Another enthusiastically states, “Always a pleasure to sit in her chair!”

Lataea Monroe

Lataea is also inspired by her clients and knowing she makes a difference gives her deep satisfaction, especially in wig creations.   After an aunt lost her battle with breast cancer, she made it her mission to create wigs whether for the cancer patient or just someone who wishes for a new look.  Knowing her work contributes in some small way to someone’s quality of life or self-esteem makes it all worthwhile and fulfilling.  She has been nominated for ACHI awards for business owners, further validating her work.

Lataea knows the value of a good quality education and investing in oneself so, that is why at The Alluring Experience, she offers graduates, students with a good report card and back-to-school discounts to her customers.  She also offers a birthday discount as well.

She loves to travel and is frequently caught jet-setting domestically and internationally to exotic locales.  Family is important to her and she spends much quality time with them or sometimes just chilling, alone, expressing her artistry by drawing 3D cartoons.

Lataea has advice for anyone looking for a hairstylist: ‘Choose someone who knows and understands haircare, not just hairstyling and has the education and experience to back it up.  At The Alluring Experience, you get both and so much more.  Visit, for the artistry, the experience the professionalism, you will be back for more!

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