Spotlight on Brenda Sarconi: The Heart Behind Ride N Go Inc.

By Ralph Horne on May 15, 2024

The Woodlands, TX – In the bustling neighborhoods of The Woodlands, Texas, a remarkable story of community service, entrepreneurial spirit and deep-rooted passion unfolds through the journey of Brenda Sarconi, the founder and owner of Ride N Go Inc.. Brenda’s unique venture started from an insightful observation during her days as an Uber driver, realizing the profound need for a more personal and attentive driving service. This realization sparked the creation of Ride N Go, a service distinguished not just by its transportation solutions but by its heartfelt mission to be “friends helping friends.”

A Personal Touch in Every Ride

Ride n Go

Ride N Go isn’t your typical driving service. Brenda describes it as a friend helping a friend, echoing the company’s dedication to providing personalized, safe and friendly transportation. Operating in The Woodlands and extending services to Kingwood, Spring, Conroe and Houston areas, Ride N Go caters to anyone who values a more personal touch over the impersonal nature of mainstream ride-sharing apps. Whether it’s seniors requiring assistance for shopping trips, children needing safe commutes to school or adults with disabilities attending day programs, Ride N Go offers customized service that makes every passenger feel like family.

A Growing Community Presence

From its humble beginnings with Brenda at the wheel, Ride N Go has expanded its fleet to 13 drivers, each sharing the same vision of exceptional service and community care. This growth is not just in numbers but in ambition, with Brenda setting her sights on franchising to extend Ride N Go’s reach across the United States. Yet, despite this expansion, the essence of Ride N Go remains unchanged as a service that stands out for its patience, personalization and unmarked cars ensuring passenger privacy and safety.

Rooted in The Woodlands

Calling The Woodlands home for the past nine years, Brenda shares a special connection with the community. Her love for the area is evident from the tranquility of its tree-lined streets to the diversity brought by the oil industry, creating a melting pot of cultures and stories. Brenda and her team have become integral to the fabric of The Woodlands, filling the void for those without nearby family, offering not just a ride, but companionship and trust.

Beyond Business: A Personal Mission

Brenda’s venture into Ride N Go was more than a career shift; it was a leap of faith driven by a passion for service and a personal commitment as a single mom who needed to provide for her daughter. This dedication is mirrored in the company’s involvement with community services like “One Pet, One Vet,” supporting military veterans through the training of service dogs, showcasing Ride N Go’s commitment to giving back.

Ride n Go

Looking Ahead with Heart and Drive

As Ride N Go plans for nationwide expansion, Brenda’s story serves as an inspiring reminder of the power of community, the importance of personal touch in business and the potential within each of us to make a difference. Her journey from an Uber driver to a thriving business owner exemplifies the impact of empathy combined with entrepreneurial spirit, making Ride N Go not just a service, but a cherished member of the communities it serves.

Stay tuned to Ride N Go’s journey and Brenda’s continued success as they drive forward, one friendly ride at a time.

Contact: Brenda Sarconi

Company: Ride N Go Inc.

Phone #: (832) 246-6739



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