To John Orlen, Your Protection Is a Priority!

By Noemi Wilson Debriano on December 7, 2022

John Orlen and his team of operatives, VIP Protection Group, have been offering executive protection, hotel security, event protection and corporate security including risk analysis, logistical coordination and situational oversight of personal protection-related concerns with discreet professionalism throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

“What makes us different is that we’re professional and confidential. We can blend in with your team as well as a crowd. You will be protected by qualified, discreet, trained professionals. We have a vested interest in your business’s security so our operatives are required to have a minimum of two years of experience in the security field as well as a background in self-defense and to be retired from the military or law enforcement. VIP Protection Group seeks to maintain an exceptional level of certification, industry knowledge and ongoing undisclosed field experience that will provide our clients with a sense of safety so that their public or private endeavors can strive without risk.”

John Orlen is the owner of VIP Protection Group. He is a New England native, born and raised, and a raving Patriots fan!

John is what we like to call a local biz hero, a self-made entrepreneur who brings true value to his community. High stands of professionalism and strong work ethics of small business owners like John are the infrastructure of New England’s economy.

John is also passionate about supporting the local community as VIP Protection Group offers reduced-rate services for victims of domestic violence. “I want to be the person that anyone can call to provide security to women fleeing these terrorizing situations. I’d like to even escort them to and from court to provide more comfort during that challenging experience of having to confront their abuser.

We sat down with John for a quick interview

How did you get into this business? 

“When I started my career in security back in 2002 with a role as a nightclub bouncer, I never anticipated the journey it would take me on. However, soon after beginning my new job, I was approached by a musician and their management. The offer was to become a full-time bodyguard for this high-profile artist, though it would require travel to Jamaica. Unfortunately, due to having just had a baby, I had to decline. But there was no denying that the offer blew me away and certainly intrigued me!

This led me down an unexpected path as I went into fugitive recovery and began providing professional-level support to bail bondsmen. Not long after, the same entertainment company that had offered for me to go to Jamaica reached out once more, this time for me to join them as part of a celebrity escort team within Massachusetts.

Throughout all of these opportunities, discreet professionalism has always been the key to my business; something which has helped me gain respect and success over the years. From there, I progressed even further by becoming the head of security detail for one particular music group, proving that taking risks pays off in more ways than one!

I’m so passionate about offering security services that I have received several certifications that support my work in this field. This includes a certificate of achievement from the United Nations Department of Safety and Security for preparing and responding to active shooter incidents, FEMA certificates for active shooter and workplace security awareness, a Global School of Investigations certificate for private investigation and a certificate of bail enforcement fugitive recovery from Amherst Academy of Bail Enforcement.

I am also a fifth-degree black belt in modern tactical combat and was inducted into the Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors. Last but not least, I have completed a personal training certification from the International Sports Science Association. With this expertise and experience under my belt, I am well-equipped to provide professional security services that are supported by top-notch credentials. Our clients can rest assured that they are in safe hands!

My mentor, Soke David Jay Antonio, had a major impact on my life before passing away as my self-defense instructor. He was a grandmaster in Ju-Jitsu who ran security for a company in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, he passed away from a heart attack in 2018.”

Being in private security, John has protected many high-profile people. We asked him: “What’s the most significant event that ever occurred on the job?”

“When I first started, I was in Saugus, Massachusetts at an event for a celebrity. I was walking the celebrity back to the VIP room when a man stepped out of the hallway with a knife. I had to diffuse the situation and this first-hand experience expanded my view on how to be more situationally aware of my surroundings to ensure that I never have a security breach like that again. It was a humbling experience.  This made me seek out more knowledge and training which has now become a lifestyle. I believe that knowledge is power. Our industry is constantly evolving, so this experience made me realize that I had to continue adapting to the times and situations.”

If you could share one protection tip with the readers, what would it be?

Situational awareness – know your exit points, when to escape and how to avoid the perpetrator. Anything can happen anytime, anywhere, but will you know what to do when faced with a situation like this? You have to be your own safety net. Become aware of your surroundings and keep track of the exits.

For example, before you get into the car, check the backseat. Let’s say you’re camping or on a road trip and you get lost as your phone starts to die. Record a message stating your location to notify your friends and family that you may need help. This is a part of situational awareness. Having a plan of action no matter where you go could save your life.

There are more active shooting events occurring in public spaces like malls or restaurants now than ever. If you can take an active shooter preparedness course, I would highly recommend it.

I also recommend taking self-defense courses including close-quarter combat since most assaults happen in close quarters. Learn how to get away, control and escape.”

In a world where civilians are tasked with becoming more and more concerned with their surroundings, John is here to stop the threat before it occurs. VIP Protection Group provides discreet professionalism for every aspect of personal and professional security throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Whether you need bodyguard services for an upcoming event or executive protection for a business trip, their team can provide the reassurance you need to feel safe and secure. Give them a call today at 617-869-9270. You can also visit them on Facebook –, Instagram – Vipprotection_group or at their website to learn more about how they can help you stay safe and protected. Thank you for reading!

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