The Purple Door – Minot’s Gateway to Enchantment

By Del Cromartie on November 30, 2022

Selena I.R. Drake, the owner of The Purple Door, and her service dogs, Hershey and Pipsqueak, have been serving the local Minot community and communities as far as the Canadian and Montana border. For nearly two years, Selena has offered tarot and palm reading as well as home and business blessings where she goes through your home or business and cleanses out the bad energy.

“What makes us different is that we offer the largest variety of supplies in the area. We have over 50 different varieties of crystals – soon to be over 100 – and a large variety of 100% organic herbs for teas and incense.”

I asked Selena what was significant about the door being purple. “I’m a witch. Back in the olden days, a purple door marked the dwelling of a witch, so it made perfect sense. Purple has a lot of different meanings, but this holds true in the Pagan and Wiccan community.” 

“I’ve experienced many who are skeptical about tarot card readings until they have one done and are completely blown away. Many perceive it to be fake until you start pulling cards for them, or just looking at their palms and telling them facts about themselves.”

Selena is always looking to support the local business ecosystem and the community. The Purple Door supports the Humane Society and The Wildlife Fund and has volunteered to raise funds for local animal shelters.

Selena is what we like to call a Local Biz Hero, a self-made entrepreneur who brings true value to her community. High standards of professionalism and strong work ethic of small business owners like Selena are the infrastructures of Minot, ND. 

We sat down with Selena for a quick interview 

How did you get into this profession? 

“Believe it or not, when I first started The Purple Door, there were no metaphysical shops within 100 miles of my home city Minot, North Dakota. I thought to myself that I’ll open a shop. Everyone needs these supplies anyway. I started The Purple Door as a means for people to get their supplies for their rituals because there are a lot of Wiccans in the area. The thing about having a metaphysical shop is that a lot of people who buy the products are more hands-on. They like to see what they are going to buy. They want to feel it and read the energy of it. Having the shop allows me to offer that to this community. I also have an online store and offer worldwide shipping for those who aren’t so local.”

What’s the most significant thing that has ever happened to you?

“The first time I published a book. Without that happening, The Purple Door would not have existed. I had the book published and was looking for local stores to carry my book. Since the book has a Wiccan theme, I felt a Wiccan store would be a great match but there were none so I started The Purple Door.”

What’s the best thing you like about Minot?

“The community. Everyone comes together. There’s little to no crime. Everyone is supporting each other. You can walk down the street and say hi to somebody and they’ll say hi back.”

What’s the most interesting job or client interaction that you’ve ever had?

I was a mechanic before I opened The Purple Door. One day there was a gentleman at the counter complaining that women can’t work on cars, then I walked in covered in grease from swapping out a transmission. The cashier laughed as she looked at me and ask, well what does she do then?”

If you could share one tip with the readers for choosing holistic wellness or a metaphysical store, what would it be?

“Make sure that whomever you’re dealing with is experienced and knowledgeable about their products.”

Is there anyone else you’d like to thank or mention?

“I want to thank the local Minot community for their continued support.”

For those of you who are looking for metaphysical supplies and holistic remedies, Selena and The Purple Door team should be your first choice. The Purple Door supports our troops and students with a 13% discount. Call Selena at 701-578-4388 or visit

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