Tom Murnan – Omaha Door & Window

By Dr. Henry Sanon on April 22, 2021

Tom Murnan

For six decades now, Omaha Door & Window has been installing doors and windows for houses and commercial properties in the Omaha surrounding area.

“What makes us different is that we help our customers save time and money by making available the best options for their doors and windows.” said the proud owner of this iconic company.

Tom Murnan, the owner of Omaha & Window, is an Omaha native, born and raised, and loves the people of this place. He is happily married with two loving kids, and he enjoys fine wine and considers himself to be a Connoisseur.

Tom is what we like to call a Local Biz Hero, an entrepreneur who brings true value to his community. High standards of professionalism and the strong work ethics of small business owners like Tom are the infrastructures of the Omaha economy.

Much of the effort and investment that Tom makes go largely back to supporting the local business ecosystem and the community.

I sat down with Tom for a quick interview –

Q: What made you come up with this name?

A: “It’s a family business that started back in 1959 when my father, Leo, and his then partner, Joe, started the business as “Omaha Door.” We originated from an elevator company that also sold garage doors. Eventually, in the late ’70s, Joe retired, and my father became the sole owner of the company. As an edge against recession, diversification of our services became a goal. Our experience in glass repair easily prepared us to transition into windows, where we eventually established our name as “Omaha Door & Window.”

Q: Overall, what are the services that you provide?

A: “We specialize in the exterior of houses, namely windows, garage doors, siding, patio doors, and walk-through doors. Also, we do commercial hollow metal doors, garage doors, dock equipment, and storefront.”  

Q: What’s the main problem you solve for your customers?

A: “One of the solutions that our customers really appreciate is our ability to keep their downtime to a minimum, especially when it comes to repairing those garage doors with older radio control sets.”

Q: What are the areas you cover?

A: “We cover approximately a 50-mile radius from Omaha.”

Q: Who is your ideal customer, and why would people reading this be inclined to hire you over a competitor?

A: “In fairness, anyone who owns a residential or commercial property and is looking for a quality and affordable service for their doors and windows.”

Q: What sets you apart from the competition?

A: “What really sets us apart from our competitors is our team of 95 employees and a fleet of over 60 vehicles. They are expert service repairmen, professional installers, and knowledgeable sales staff who have an accumulated 950 years of combined experience in the door and window business ready to provide a swift, cost-effective, and superior service.”

Q: Why did you go into this business? Is there a special story behind it?

A: “Well, this is a family story that my father, Leo, started the business, and his children grew up into the business. We started at the bottom, unloading trucks, working in the warehouse, and finally installing. The third generation has started at the bottom as well. That’s how you really learn a business.”

Q: Your business is in Omaha. What do you like most about living here?

A: “Without a doubt, the people,” he said without hesitation, ”the people who we serve.” Of course, we are passionate about our Nebraska football team. Another highlight was my daughter’s passion for soccer, especially her memorable 2005 season when UNO won the Division II Women Soccer Championship.”

Q: If you could share one tip with the readers for choosing a door and window company, what would it be?

A: “Make sure to plan and start early, especially for late fall and winter projects, as this is the busy season for construction.”

Q: Any other special life events you would like to share?

A: “Yes, one aspect in business that always serves us well is being honest with our customers when we bid and install their job. We tell them upfront what to expect in quality and duration with guarantees.”

Q: Any special discount or deals offered to your customers?

A: “We do provide a free estimate to our customers, which may represent a considerable saving when comparing to some competitors. In addition, 30% Off for Windows, Siding, Gutters, and Entry Doors. Also, 25% Off for Sunrooms.”

Q: Do you personally or via the business support a charity?

A: “Yes, we do. We donate to “Habitat for Humanity,” which I think is a particularly valuable community asset.”

Q: Are you part of a business networking group?

A: “Yes, we are members of the Association of Building Contractors (ABC) for many years now.”

Q: Do you have any special awards?

A: “We have been awarded “Best of Omaha Winner Circle” for the past 14 years in a row.”

Q: I had a chance to observe how some of your clients revealed their experiences. Is it ok if we quote some of their reviews in this article?

A: Yes.

“I was extremely pleased with my dealings with ODW. Everything I was told about the product and installation was factual and fulfilled. Everyone I spoke with was knowledgeable, pleasant, and efficient. I would use ODW again anytime.”
Tom K.

“Your crew was awesome! Very nice guys and super considerate of our home & keeping their work area clean. They got in, got it done, and were gone in no time! Sales staff great too!!!”

Wayne – Gretna, NE

“ODW personnel did a very good job of installing our three replacement basement windows. Answered all questions we had and cleaned up and hauled away the old equipment & debris.”

Stephen – Omaha, NE

“The guys were fast & hard workers. They did a great job especially considering how frigid the weather.”

Grace – Elkhorn, NE

“The installers did a really good job. They explained how the windows work. They cleaned up everything, there was nothing left to pick up after they left. We already have had compliments on our windows from our neighbors, they say our house looks brand new with the windows.”

Cynthia – Bellevue, NE


For those of you who are looking for a professional Door and Window Installer, Tom and the Omaha Door & Window team should be your first choice. They have an amazing 950 years of combined experience ready to be put at your service, and this is all one needs to know in deciding who should be their installer.

Visit – “Taking care of business is what we do at Omaha Door and Window.”





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