Vault and Vine: A Journey of Inclusivity, Community and Empowerment

By Royce Fianko on August 17, 2023

Diana Baye - Vault and Vine

Philadelphia, PA – Vault and Vine, a thriving local Philadelphia business, is making waves in the community with its commitment to inclusivity, sustainability and community engagement. Vault and Vine is not just a business; it’s an experience—an enchanting fusion of a café, retail consignment space, floral shop, and certified plant nursery. Its allure lies in the meticulously crafted ambience, which beckons customers to sit, stay, and embrace the camaraderie that flourishes within.


It is also a black woman-owned business, Vault and Vine is redefining entrepreneurship while creating a safe and empowering space for everyone. Diana Baye, the co-owner and operations manager, is a Philadelphia native with a deep love for her city. She embarked on a remarkable journey when she and her sister acquired Vault and Vine in June 2022.

But their story begins even earlier.  For years Diana had been a regular customer of the establishment, cherishing precious moments with her children in the greenhouse and indulging in hot chocolate after school. When she heard the news that the business was at risk of closing, Diana’s determination kicked in, and she leaped at the opportunity to preserve this special place. Diana and her sister took the simple coffee shop and plant nursery and made it into an eclectic establishment that defies categorization.

Vault and Vine stands out with its captivating name, a nod to the soaring vaulted ceilings that grace the space and the thriving plant nursery that intertwines throughout the space. However, it is the multifaceted nature of Vault and Vine that truly sets it apart. It thrives as four businesses in one, harmoniously blending a café serving delectable coffee, pastries and artisanal treats, a retail consignment space showcasing the exquisite creations of local artists, a vibrant floral shop crafting stunning arrangements and bouquets and a certified plant nursery that welcomes plant enthusiasts into its two greenhouses.

Vault and Vine’s has cultivated an environment where everyone is welcome. Diana says, “What has drawn a larger crowd and a different crowd for us is our inclusivity… We are welcoming to everybody, in all walks of life.”

VaultVine Store

By being open, accepting, and embracing diversity, they have created a space that fosters connection, understanding, and a true sense of community, providing an all-encompassing haven for diverse communities. This dedication to inclusivity is at the core of their philosophy, fostering an atmosphere that transcends traditional boundaries and embraces the beauty of diversity.

Vault and Vine prides itself on its engagement with the local community. From sourcing products from local artists and vendors to composting, recycling and supporting local organizations, they prioritize sustainability and foster a deep connection with their surroundings. “Because our business model is more about serving the community than anything else, people support us. We are continuing to grow… because what we’re doing is making sure that the community gets what they need, ” says Diana.

Diana and her team actively participate in mentorship programs, providing valuable opportunities for local high school students and those transitioning from the foster care system. Diana and her sister also extend their generosity to various charitable organizations through donations and collaborations. By prioritizing community needs and creating a welcoming environment, Vault and Vine has garnered immense support from its customers. Diana believes that the growth and success of the business are inherently tied to the well-being and satisfaction of the community it serves.

As a black woman-owned business, Vault and Vine embodies the spirit of resilience and empowerment. They are pioneers in their industry, demonstrating that entrepreneurs can break barriers, create legacies and drive meaningful change.

Diana’s personal journey has been deeply influenced by her desire to build a sustainable future for her family without sacrificing her presence in their lives. Vault and Vine serves as a testament to this vision, ensuring that families feel welcome and creating a space where cherished memories are made.

In closing, Diana Baye extends her heartfelt gratitude to all those who have supported Vault and Vine. By choosing to engage with their business, customers are not only embracing a unique experience but also championing diversity and inclusion.

Those who support Vault and Vine not only support a remarkable business, but also champion the idea that entrepreneurs can come from all backgrounds and make a difference while serving as an inspiration to others. By actively pouring into their community, Vault and Vine embodies the essence of what a business should be.

To learn more about Vault and Vine and experience the enchantment firsthand, visit their website at also follow them on Instagram and on Facebook join the Vault and Vine community, where everyone is welcome, and let the memories bloom.

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