What do IT, A/V Services and Event Planning Have in Common?

By Les Cseh on October 14, 2022

Many say that a couple should not be in business together. Allyson and Brandon, the principals of the diverse company, Pinder Productions, are living proof that the opposite can be true.

Allyson Goodwin-Pinder, the CEO, puts together creative and memorable events such as weddings, the recent adult prom, and a fundraiser for the Charles County Chamber of Commerce. Brandon explains how Allyson is a perfectionist and infuses events with excitement so that guests can enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Brandon Pinder, the CTO, looks after the IT needs of small businesses. Allyson describes Brandon’s stellar customer service, which is a welcome relief since too many IT providers have poor “deskside manner”, often confusing people more than helping them.

The diversity of their business doesn’t stop there. They are also involved in two podcasts: Bold, Black, and Buddhaful and the upcoming Deveaux Speaks.

They met online and had an instant connection that has lasted nine years. And they recognize how their respective strengths complement each other, especially evident when they describe each other.

They are bringing both of their skills to Charles County Chamber’s signature event, from decor, coordination and managing vendors to setting up secure WiFi on the huge farm property.

Their business and lives are based in Charles County, just south of Washington, D.C. As it turns out, a perfect location for both of them (and their four fur babies), despite very different backgrounds.

Allyson grew up in New York City and loves a space and community where she can safely walk the neighborhood, far from all the congestion of city life. Brandon grew up on the East Coast and loves that Charles County is not congested like a big city and has a great community.

For a successful event, Allyson recommends that the more lead time you can provide, the better. And you want to really enjoy yourself, so set your expectation that not everything will go according to plan, and then just roll with it.

A common trap for many small businesses is to try and do everything themselves, even their IT. Brandon points out that this is risky, as it is so easy to make matters worse and this could really hurt the business. Best to find a professional you can trust to look after IT so you can focus on your business.

Pinder Productions serves clients in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. In addition to event planning and IT services, they also produce podcasts and YouTube shows, and provide A/V editing services.

You can get an idea of the creative events and learn more about all of their services,

at https://www.pinderproductions.com/. You can also contact them at Outreach@PinderProductions.com

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