Affordable and Quality Production Team for Phoenix Business Owners and Artists

By Del Cromartie on January 3, 2023

Tracy Carrasquillo

This past September, Tracy Carrasquillo and her amazing team of content creators began providing business owners and artists that have small production budgets with solutions to their needs. Light After Dark Productions offers affordable and quality production. The services range from videography to editing and graphic design. The team is passionate and cares about delivering quality content that their clients are proud of.

“What makes us different is that we truly cater to small businesses that do not have a large budget. We work with the owners and come up with solutions to meet their needs without breaking the bank. Additionally, we manage several social media accounts and share clients’ content to increase their exposure. We are a driven team dedicated to seeing everyone succeed, especially when it comes to helping small business owners.”

Tracy and her team are what we like to call local biz heroes, self-made entrepreneurs who bring true value to their community. High stands of professionalism and strong work ethics of small business owners like Tracy are the infrastructure of Pheonix’s economy.

We sat down with Tracy for a quick interview

What’s the best thing you like about Chandler, AZ?

“The people are so nice here. I love the weather (just not when it’s too hot) and it’s 20 minutes from everything.”

Do you have a hobby?

“I like to roller skate and I love the outdoors. I go to Tucson to visit my son and grandson. I’m an active grandmother who does a lot of things a four and five-year-old would do.”

What’s the most unusual job you ever had? 

“I think this job lasted for about a week. I was training to sell Kirby vacuum cleaners. We had spent what seemed to be a full eight hours of training then they expected us to go out the same evening to try to sell them!

I thought to myself, ‘Didn’t we just do eight hours of training, what shifts are we working?’ By Wednesday, I was thinking about what I would tell them on Friday about quitting. I was trying to be nice and stick out the whole week. I thought that would help me feel that I accomplished something. But after the week went by, I didn’t feel comfortable telling them I’m not coming back. I just prayed that I wouldn’t see anyone around town!”

Do you volunteer?
“I like to volunteer at Feed my Hungry Children. I truly enjoy giving back and it’s very convenient to volunteer with them. Anytime I have availability I can walk in and volunteer. It feels good to give back to others who are not able to help themselves. It costs nothing.”

Why did you go into this business? 

“I’ve always been great at talking and networking with a lot of people. I’ve also been able to connect people to the resources they’re looking for. My entire life, people would come to me and share what they need and I’ve always been able to assist them by directing them to a product or service that can help them.

Tracy Carrasquillo

I began thinking that I need to start a business but what can I do? I’m somebody’s grandmother! I noticed that everything is going digital. It’s all online on social media. So, I need to think of something that is going in that direction.

I could do a magazine that advertises all these businesses, then have a production to create whatever we want. This type of business could appeal to everyone. We want to collaborate with any business or creator who has the passion to create and grow.”

What areas do you cover?

“Depending on the client’s needs. They do not need to be in the local area in order for us to work with them. If the client requires live production, we service the Pheonix area. We’ve produced videos for clients in the UK, Atlanta and New Orleans, just to name a few locations.”

What is the most significant event that ever happened to you?

“I get so fired up listening to people’s visions and wanting to make their dream ,come true. About 25 years ago, I lived in St. Louis and worked at the Washington University School of Medicine. I worked for this phenomenal woman named Theresa Deshields. She came to me and expressed that she wanted to host a cancer wellness fair but there was no budget to work with. I said, ‘No problem!’

I started looking through all my contacts and reached out to different businesses. One business donated the space for the event and another woman was a singer and had a network of other singers and musicians. They provided entertainment for free. I contacted my neighbor up the street. She was a manager at a local grocery store and she had another friend (the manager of a grocery store). They provided snacks and drinks for free.

I also had a partner who drove a shuttle. He provided the shuttle service for free. I may have worked 80 hours that week, but everything was for free and over 300 people attend the event. When I left, the university marketing department took over the event. It took them over 3 years to get 300 people to attend this event. I felt as if that was a big accomplishment for my name.”

What did you learn from it?

“You can do anything that you want once you put your mind to it and there is always someone out there who is willing to help. Someone wants to see you succeed. I have these natural skills and I felt that is what I needed to be doing. Creating and coordinating. My favorite saying is: ‘Imagine that! A creative solution.”’

If you could share one tip with the readers for choosing a production company, what would it be?

Look for a production company that has a passion for your project and is not just focused on getting your money. You should have a company that is excited to work with you and is excited to see the project through from the beginning to the end, especially to make sure that you are included in it and that you are satisfied with the finished product.”

For business owners and artists in the Pheonix, AZ area looking for a professional production team, Light After Dark Productions should be your first choice. Light After Dark Productions is a veteran-owned and operated business that supports our troops with a 20% discount for military personnel. Call Tracy at 407-276-2639 or visit today!

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