Embracing Wellness and Community: The Lala Behind OM State Of Mind

By Damoniqe Askew on September 8, 2023

Embracing Wellness and Community

Houston, TX – In the bustling city of Houston, Texas, the wellness revolution is gaining momentum, largely due to the efforts of a remarkable individual named Lala Garcia. Co-founding the Houston-based business OM State Of Mind alongside Ashlie Holdorf, Lala is at the forefront of redefining wellness by seamlessly blending fitness, nutrition, and community engagement. While we have previously glimpsed into their motivations and services, this article will focus on Lala’s deep connection to Houston, her unwavering dedication to community, and the personal transformation fueling her journey.

Embracing Wellness and Community

Embracing Houston’s Vibrant Community:

Lala’s story unfolds within the vibrant tapestry of Houston’s culture and experiences. Her choice of Houston as OM State Of Mind’s base is a reflection of her love for the city’s plethora of opportunities and amenities. Houston, with its outstanding school systems and culinary marvels, offers Lala a rich palette to craft her life upon.

Beyond its tangible offerings, Houston’s sports fervor, particularly for football, resonates with Lala’s sense of community. While she may not personally cheer for the Dallas Cowboys, she wholeheartedly embraces the passion Houstonians pour into the game. The city’s diverse culinary scene, which features everything from fusion restaurants to Arabic cuisine, resonates deeply with Lala’s heart, showcasing the city’s rich diversity.

Lala cherishes Houston’s spirit of inclusivity. She believes the city is a melting pot where individuals from different backgrounds coexist harmoniously. This inclusivity is of great importance to Lala as a mother of biracial children, as she aims to provide them with an environment that celebrates diversity.

The Power of Community Support

Lala’s journey with OM State Of Mind is significantly shaped by the unwavering support of her community. The exchange of ideas and referrals from close friends and family has been instrumental in their growth. Concepts like silent yoga parties, born from this communal synergy, hold the potential to captivate new audiences.

Lala extends her heartfelt gratitude to those who’ve stood by their side, surpassing expectations with their love and support. The bond between OM State Of Mind and its community underscores the strength of relationships built over time. She recognizes and values the contributions of local establishments like Katy Crossing Ice House, which have provided them a platform to thrive. This support fuels their commitment to giving back to the community through charitable efforts.

Embracing Wellness and Community

Making a Difference

For Lala and OM State Of Mind, the pursuit of wellness extends beyond personal transformation. The business actively participates in charitable initiatives that align with their values. Ashlie’s commitment to animal welfare and community events resonates deeply with Lala’s advocacy for making a difference. Their upcoming event, focused on donating school supplies, underscores their commitment to improving their community on a fundamental level.

Lala’s personal commitment to adoption advocacy and cancer awareness stems from her profound experiences. Raised in a family with a history of adopting children, she is passionate about providing loving homes to those in need. Her connection to cancer awareness is deeply personal, inspired by her brother’s triumphant battle. The organization Give Kids the World holds a special place in her heart, symbolizing hope and magic for children with chronic illnesses.

Embracing Wellness and Community

Personal Growth and Insights

Lala’s journey with OM State Of Mind has not only enriched the lives of others but has also led to her own personal growth. A significant moment of introspection at age 31 triggered a deep understanding of her body’s needs and limits. This realization reinforced the significance of listening to her body’s cues and embracing patience in various life aspects. This newfound wisdom fuels her determination to empower others on their unique wellness journeys.

Lala’s holistic nutrition background and her array of certifications in personal training infuse her work with a distinct perspective. She emphasizes the interconnected nature of wellness elements—nutrition, fitness, and mental health. This holistic approach enables OM State Of Mind to offer clients a comprehensive wellness experience, guiding them towards harmony and balance.


Lala’s journey embodies personal growth, community solidarity, and a dedication to positive change. Rooted in Houston’s diverse community, OM State Of Mind’s commitment to wellness is a testament to Lala’s spirit. Fueled by a holistic approach, fervor for community betterment, and a genuine passion for aiding others, OM State Of Mind is poised to leave an indelible mark on individuals seeking both wellness and a sense of belonging. As Lala’s journey unfolds, her message remains clear: “Discover your h’OM’e within and embrace the transformative journey to wellness.”

Contact Lala  through her  FaceBook Page.and her  InstaGram Page.

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