Experience A Timeless Craft!

By Les Cseh on April 4, 2022

EDGE Barber Spa

Are you looking for more than the traditional in and out haircut experience? Do you want something a little more personal? Look no further than EDGE Barber Spa in Gilbert, Arizona. Emmanuel “Manny” Veduzco and his crew of 4 specialize in classic shaves, beard trimming with shaves, face massage, haircuts, head shaves, power massage, neck clean up, goatee trim, mustache trims and hairwashes. They turn grooming into an indulgent experience for men.

Manny is the first generation in his family within the hair industry. He was in the medical field briefly, but chose to leave that behind and dive into the barber industry. He found this difficult at first, but after learning from Master Barbers, some of whom had 40 plus years of experience, he gained the title of Master Barber himself. He has found that doing this type of work has been very rewarding and a wonderful learning experience. He said to me “I have set my goals that one day I was going to provide a first class barber spa and offer men an indulgent experience in a masculine and modern environment.”

Born in Mexico, Manny has now lived in Phoenix for 21 years. He has been in the hair cutting industry for 20 years. The thing he likes most about working in Gilbert is that it is a new city, filled with lots of young families living a high end lifestyle. I asked Manny about the most significant thing that has ever happened to him. He immediately replied, “Watching the growth of my business, my dream.” He has learned that with hard work that dreams really do come true.

Emmanuel Veduzco

So what do people have to say about EDGE Barber Spa? Manny and the crew have an amazing 5 star review on Google! This is what just one client had to say – “The owner Manny has been taking care of my hair and beard for a few years now, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else. Manny is an artist, a professional and all around great guy. Every time I leave EDGE Barber Spa my hair and beard are pristine. If you’re looking for an impeccable cut with a comfortable relaxing experience, you have to visit my guy Manny at EDGE Barber Spa”.

With a rating and a review like that, why would you want to go anywhere else?

Manny had to get a bit creative after COVID-19 hit. Once things started to reopen, he had to restructure the business setup in order to meet the required social distancing guidelines. So in the workplace in order to protect the safety of his clients and employees Manny and his team not only restructured, but created a signature plus for the business out of the crazy chaos going on in the world. Their approach garnered the attention of the local news station Channel 3, who approached them about doing a televised segment. Manny decided to put in a new wall of cabinets surrounded by frosted tempered glass stalls and low stream music throughout. Included in each cubicle is a TV and a bar fridge filled with beverages free for each client’s enjoyment. The approach not only met COVID-19 requirements, but now has become an exclusive individual experience for each of their clients.

If you are looking to get away from the mall shops, and want a sensational experience like no other, head on down to EDGE Barber Spa. Manny and his staff will make sure you have the best encounter of your life. EDGE, where “Experience is a Timeless Craft”.

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