Hindi’s Libraries: Bridging Literacy Gaps and Changing Lives Through Books

By Chetan Talwar on August 30, 2023

Hindi Libraries

Long Island, New York – In a world that often seems driven by fast-paced digital communication, there’s an organization working tirelessly to ensure that the magic of reading is not lost. Hindi’s Libraries, a non-profit organization founded by Leslie Gang and Dovid Kanarfogel, is making a profound impact by bringing free children’s books to families in need all around the globe. In this exclusive interview, co-founder Leslie Gang sheds light on the heartwarming journey of Hindi’s Libraries and how they’re making a difference, one book at a time.

Leslie Gang

A Legacy of Literacy

Hindi’s Libraries takes its name from the memory of Dr. Hindi Krinsky, whose sudden passing in 2018 was the catalyst for this remarkable endeavor. “As we donate books, we decided we’re kind of making little libraries all over the world. So we called it Hindi’s Libraries,” explains Leslie Gang. The organization doesn’t just donate books, they build bridges to literacy.

Filling the Gap

The driving force behind Hindi’s Libraries is the desire to address a pressing issue: the lack of access to books for millions of families worldwide. “We try to bridge that literacy gap by getting free books into their homes,” says Leslie. For families who can’t afford books or live in areas without libraries, Hindi’s Libraries offer a lifeline.

A Global Reach

Hindi’s Libraries doesn’t let geographical barriers hinder their mission. Their impact is truly international. Operating across all 50 states in the US and spanning regions from Africa to Puerto Rico, Haiti to India, and even Israel, they’re spreading the joy of reading far and wide. Leslie Gang mentions, “If someone reaches out to us and they work with an orphanage or foster care agency or shelter internationally, we’ll find a way to send the books their way.”

The Power of Contribution

Hindi’s Libraries rely on two main groups of supporters: those who donate funds to cover shipping costs, and those who donate books. Leslie emphasizes that every dollar matters, saying, “Every dollar that is donated to us is used to put books in boxes to ship them to children in need.” With a lean, volunteer-driven operation, the organization maximizes every contribution to make a tangible difference in children’s lives.

Hindi's Libraries

A Personal Connection

Hindi’s Libraries is not just a name; it’s a heartfelt endeavor that resonates deeply with Leslie and her team. The organization’s co-founder recounts the origins of Hindi’s Libraries, starting from a small book drive in memory of Dr. Hindi Krinsky. From that simple initiative emerged a global movement dedicated to spreading the joy of reading.

Making an Impact

Disney Books’ decision to reach out to Hindi’s Libraries speaks volumes about the organization’s credibility and impact. This interaction reinforced the realization that Hindi’s Libraries is providing a much-needed service that is valued and appreciated by major players in the literary world. Since their inception in 2018, they have donated a total of 475,000 books globally, amplifying their commitment to spreading the joy of reading to countless children around the world.

Supporting the Cause

For those looking to support Hindi’s Libraries, Leslie’s advice is simple: every contribution matters. Whether it’s a monetary donation or donating gently used books, every effort goes a long way in changing a child’s life. Leslie urges, “Even one book is changing a kid’s life. Even one dollar going into the bank to help ship that one box of 50 to 60 books.”

Hindi's libraries

A Journey of Dedication

Hindi’s Libraries is the epitome of a labor of love. With Leslie, Dovid, and a team of dedicated volunteers at the helm, the organization is making a lasting impact on children’s lives. Their unique approach to donating books in bulk, the commitment to global reach, and the heartfelt dedication they bring to each endeavor set Hindi’s Libraries apart in a league of its own.

In the spirit of Hindi’s Libraries’ taglines, “Every hero has a story” and “We are giving the gift of literacy, and we’re changing the story one book at a time,” this non-profit organization is creating a new chapter in the lives of countless children. As they continue their journey to build little libraries across the world, Hindi’s Libraries prove that a small gesture can lead to a profound transformation. If you’re looking to make a difference and be a part of this impactful journey, visit www.hindislibraries.org to learn more about how you can contribute to this heartwarming cause.


What people are saying about Hindi’s Libraries…

ShelbyKing6212 (10/20/2022): We have enjoyed collaborating with Hindis Libraries on a variety of projects over the years. Leslie and the team are wholly committed to their mission and go above and beyond as they work to inspire readers and improve book access in communities around the world.

AB Health (10/31/2022): We are a health department and in our lobby we have a bookshelf and children can take a book when they come in for services. If it were not for Hindi’s, we could not keep these books going for our community!! They have helped us so much!

They send such a wide variety of brand new books for our children and we can absolutely not thank them enough!! Hindi’s you are amazing!!

Feedinggafamilies (10/19/2022): We couldn’t be happier with our experiences with Hindi’s Library! From our first set of books to our last shipment, the quality and quantity of books we receive are top-notch. We love to see the look of excitement on our youth clients’ faces when we announce that new books have arrived. Thank you for helping us to bring so much joy into their lives.

shareandcare (8/21/2021): Very blessed to get a full box of children’s book that were the first that we put out in our new Little Free Library. The books were in awesome condition and there was such a beautiful collection of different story types! Really appreciate the hard work this group is doing!


Website: http://hindislibraries.org/

Email: leslie@hindislibraries.org , info@hindislibraries.org

Phone Number: (516) 400-3428


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