JB’s Auto Machine

By Les Cseh on June 3, 2021

JB's Auto Machine

Linda Bish’s father, Jim Bunty, opened the doors of JB’s Auto Machine, Inc. on November 5, 1977. Today, 44 years later, this engine machine shop in Rosedale, Maryland, is still family-owned and operated. Their customer base includes not only Baltimore and the surrounding areas of Maryland but also Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia as well. JB’s Auto Machine can recondition, rebuild, and customize almost any engine!
The JB’s team, 12 in all, involves the customer in every aspect of their engine rebuilding experience. Their long-term success is thanks to their belief that the customer is also a member of the family, and they will always be treated that way. The team works to ensure that all that come to the shop are provided with the best customer service and exceptional workmanship around. Specializing in custom, stock, antique, marine, industrial, high performance, and restoration engine machining and rebuilding, the JB’s team will make sure you are getting optimal results from any engine!

Another key factor to their success Linda believes is the extensive automotive knowledge and experience their staff has obtained over the years. “My dad is a great teacher. He has been building engines since the 1950s. He has traveled up and down the east coast racing. He has built up a great reputation and we hope that our customers can see and experience this when they enter our shop with their projects.”

“Many people do not know what an engine machine shop is.” Linda states. “We can take the entire or individual parts of your engine (heads, block, crank, pistons, rods) and clean, resurface, rebore, balance, polish, pressure test, etc. to make them like new or reusable again. We can change internals to obtain more horsepower. We can freshen up or restore old or tired engines.”

JB's Auto Machine Logo

Some of the most memorable engine projects over the years were a 1910 Overland, a 1932 Packard and a 1934 Cadillac. In the 1980s, JB’s Auto built an engine for a car on the NASCAR circuit, and Jim was on the pit crew.

Prior to COVID-19, JB’s Auto would host car shows at the church carnival to support St. Clare’s Church. “It’s important to give back to the community when you can. After all, they have supported us for many years.” Linda adds.

I asked Linda what her tip to readers would be when choosing an engine experts company. Her response was very simple “Look at customer recommendations, their years of experience, and what they specialize in.” Of 42 GMB reviews, JB’s Auto Machine has a 4.7 rating. This says so much about a great company!

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