Local Business Spotlight: Always Making Art, LLC. Interview with Mariana Griswold, Owner and Manager

By Ralph Horne on June 21, 2024

Always Making Art

Boca Raton, FL – People often seek to do business with others they know and trust. With that in mind, we are excited to introduce you to Mariana Griswold, the vibrant and talented owner of Always Making Art, LLC, based in Boca Raton, Florida. Mariana shares her passion for art, her journey into the business world, and her dreams for the future in this exclusive interview.

Inspiration Behind the Business Name

Mariana was always creating, leading her to the fitting name, “Always Making Art.” Her business is a direct reflection of her constant drive to create and inspire.

Always Making Art

Services Provided

Always Making Art specializes in custom paintings, including portraits and pet portraits. Mariana also offers graphic design services such as logo creation and website design, leveraging her extensive background in the arts.

Primary Customer Problems Solved

Mariana provides an avenue for her customers to express their creativity through personalized artwork and design services.
Area Covered: Primarily servicing the Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale areas, but open to clients across the United States.
Ideal Customer Persona: Those who have a deep appreciation for the arts or are seeking unique, personalized gifts.

Business History

Although Always Making Art has been established for only a year, Mariana has been creating custom paintings and portraits since 2010.

Unique Selling Proposition

Mariana’s educational background in art and graphic design sets her apart. She is personable and works diligently to bring her customers’ visions to life.

Path to the Business

Inspired by her father, also an artist, Mariana’s passion for creativity was ignited early on. Despite initial skepticism from others about her career choice, she combined her love for art with marketing and graphic design, eventually bringing her full circle to her first love: art.

Living in Boca Raton

Having lived in South Florida for several years, Mariana now calls Boca Raton home. Born in Romania and adopted at a young age, she has a unique perspective and deep appreciation for her surroundings.

Always Making Art

Team and Support

While it’s currently a small operation managed by Mariana and her husband, she has plans to grow and employ more artists in the future. Her husband handles the promotional and managerial aspects of the business.

Significant Life Events

Mariana experienced the profound loss of her father to dementia, a moment that fundamentally reshaped her perspective on life. This loss further motivated her to pursue her passions and never take anything for granted.

Incorporating Nonprofit Work

Mariana holds a Master’s degree in nonprofit management. She aims to eventually link her art to charitable causes, donating a percentage of her proceeds to nonprofits of her customers’ choice.

Community Involvement and Support

She supports local rescues like Tri-County Animal Rescue and Coral Springs Wildlife Center and provides special discounts for military personnel.

Gallery Opening

Mariana’s first gallery opening is scheduled for June 29 in Fort Lauderdale, an exciting milestone for her burgeoning business.


Mariana Griswold is dedicated to growing her business while serving her community with passion and integrity. Whether you’re in the market for a custom painting or a new logo, Always Making Art promises personalized, heartfelt work.

We believe in supporting local businesses like Always Making Art, LLC because they enrich our communities with their unique services and dedicated proprietors. For more information, visit their website at Always Making Art.

Contact: Mariana Griswold
Company: Always Making Art, LLC
Phone #: (954) 592-7346
Website: alwaysmaking.art

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