Robert Pillow IV Blends Fashion with Poetry to Create a Luxury-driven Comfort Line

By Noemi Wilson Debriano on November 23, 2022

Robert Pillow IV

Meet Robert Pillow IV, the mastermind behind Artiz Lee, the new fashion and comfort line that features artistic and culture-inspired designs with an East Coast/West Coast blend.

Rob is a true artist, athlete, published author, entrepreneur and designer who has combined fashion with poetry to create a quality-driven comfort line. Rob’s unique design style melds both classic and modern elements together, with an attention to detail that ensures each piece is well-made and stylish. His unique approach to blending fashion with practicality has resulted in a clothing line that is perfect for students and busy professionals alike.

“Artiz Lee’s clothing aims not only to be fashionable but also functional and versatile – just like your own personal style!” These garments are designed to make wearers feel good about themselves, regardless of their size or shape. Rob believes clothing can be a powerful tool for self-expression and communicating messages to the world. For this reason, he’s created clothing lines that promote self-love and self-worth.

I had the opportunity to speak with Rob about his work, and he shared his thoughts on designing for comfort, the importance of quality, and what inspires him in his work. Read on for more from this interesting designer.

How did you get here? Tell us about your creative journey.

“I have always loved looking for creative ways to express my style. Poetry was the start of the artistic adventure. I published a poetry book at the age of 19. I feel like poetry is my voice. It’s not just words on paper for me, but an opportunity to express what’s in my heart through rhythm and melody.

And then there are the outfits. They’re more than clothes. They represent who I want people around to see each time we put them on. That’s why I am so proud of my new clothing line, which features bold designs and vibrant colors that showcase my passion for fashion. What’s more, pieces in the upcoming collection will also be infused with elements of poetry, reflecting my love for both aesthetics and creativity.

Whether you’re from the East Coast or West Coast, professional or artistic, I think you’ll find something in this collection that speaks to your own style and individuality. And, best of all, you can be sure that everything in my brand is made with comfort in mind, allowing you to feel great and confident in your own skin. So if you’re looking for a unique way to express your style and flair, look no further than my collaborative brand – a true reflection of me as an artist and designer.

As a fashion lover, I have always been passionate about creating unique, beautiful designs that serve as a reflection of my personal style. I hold myself to the highest standards when it comes to my work, always striving for inspiration and innovation in every piece that I create.

My clothing line features gorgeous artistic designs alongside bold, vibrant colors and stunning textures, making every item a true statement piece. Whether you are looking for something simple yet classic or something more on the avant-garde side, there is sure to be something in my collection that will speak to your sense of style.

Additionally, I have a strong love of poetry, which influences both the themes and names of my pieces. With each item in my line representing a small bit of who I am as an individual, I hope that my passion for fashion is evident in everything that I create.

Including design elements from Alaska and DC, this line is inspired by my love of the coastlines – an homage to my own cross-country background. So if you’re looking for something with a bit more heart and soul than the run-of-the-mill fashion labels offer, look no further than the unique collections from my brand – a reflection of comfort and individuality at its finest!”

Is there a special story behind why you went into this business?

“My grandfather was the epitome of style and confidence. Whether he was running errands or going to church, he always looked fresh! What I admired most about him, though, was his emphasis on comfort. He cared about his appearance, but never at the expense of his own comfort. In fact, he would often joke that fashion should be about what makes you feel good – not about trying to keep up with the Joneses. To my grandfather, being comfortable in your own skin was much more important than what you were wearing.

This wise approach to fashion inspired my love of black-owned clothing brands that cater to people like my grandfather, individuals who care deeply about style but prefer clothes that are both fashionable and comfortable. I believe that these types of brands represent a true celebration of culture, as they seek to empower communities by promoting values like self-confidence and pride in one’s heritage. And for me personally, they offer an inspiring reminder of the legacy that my grandfather left behind, one that serves as a constant source of joy and inspiration in everything I do.

When my grandfather passed, it was a wake-up call on just how short life really is. We were very close, and he always believed in me and my potential. His passing during the COVID pandemic when we couldn’t see each other for such an extended period of time was a very challenging time for me. It made me realize that every day truly is a gift and that I need to make the most of the time I have here on earth.

His passing also became a catalyst for me, as it inspired me to launch my own brand as a way of carrying on his legacy.

Beyond all this, I am also blessed with a beautiful daughter who has become my whole world. I hope to pass on my love for this brand to her one day so that she can continue carrying on its legacy well into the future. After all, there is no better way to honor someone than by living our lives to the fullest.”

What makes Artiz Lee different from other apparel companies?

“We pride ourselves on offering high-quality apparel that goes beyond the typical “fast fashion” seen elsewhere. Our clothing is designed with durability and style in mind, ensuring that you will get years of use out of each piece and truly stand out from the crowd. We believe that luxury comes from feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes, rather than simply looking good. Our motto encapsulates this idea perfectly: Luxury is how you feel, not how you look.

Whether you are heading to work or going out for a night on the town, our designer clothing will help you feel great and exude confidence from within.”

If you could share one personal shopping tip with the readers, what would it be?

”When shopping for new clothing, it is important not to simply look at the price tag. Instead, you should also consider other factors like comfort, quality and how well the piece reflects your style and personality. After all, buying clothes is a highly subjective experience, with different people viewing the same item of clothing in very different ways. So rather than thinking of price as your only consideration, try to focus on what will make you feel most comfortable and confident in whatever you are purchasing.

In addition, pay attention to things like fabric quality and construction. After all, you want your clothes to last! And remember that how an item looks on the outside is only one part of its appeal. It should also reflect who you are on the inside. With these considerations in mind, you can easily find pieces that suit your needs and taste without breaking the bank.”

Artiz Lee is a unique fashion house combining poetry, comfortable fabrics and elegant designs to speak to any sense of style. Robert’s message of self-love and self-worth can be seen in his attention to every detail of design, style and long-lasting comfort. With outfits and outerwear perfectly designed for the upcoming winter season, be sure to visit to find creative comfort clothing for any occasion!

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