Pamela Vandermey, ACC Life Coach Brings Balance Back to Your Life at Agape Vita Raeda

By Christine M Ketay on September 13, 2021

Pamela Vandermey

Into every life, a little rain must fall. Over the past two years, our lives have been bombarded with storm after storm. For so many, issues ranging from work, our personal lives, illness and loss, not to mention the news have knocked us for a loop. Where do you start to regain your balance, let alone move forward?

You call Pamela Vandermey, ACC, Accredited Life Coach at Agape Vita Raeda.  Pamela is a Local Biz Hero, who brings great value to the community. High standards of integrity and professionalism, overflowing spirit, and energy are the heart of Agape Vita Raeda for Pamela. New Braunfels and the surrounding area is the beneficiary of her efforts. Agape Vita Raeda refers to Christian love, life, and a vehicle to get there, the premise of Pamela’s coaching. Her focus is coaching her clients to find motivation, find balance as their lives transition into new directions, and transform their lives.

Pamela takes her commitment to her clients seriously. Pamela is accredited by the International Coaching Federation and is a licensed coach. This means she has been through over 100 hours of coaching and has been a participant in the coaching process as a client herself for another 75+ hours. –While coaching does not have the same level of confidentiality as a lawyer or doctor, Pamela’s clients can be assured of her confidentiality as well as her skills and ability to provide the life coaching at a level they deserve. The standards and examination process of the ICF are extremely challenging. There are core values as well as legal issues that are very regulated. Pamela’s certification and licensure are her client’s assurance that she follows these values closely.

Coaching is not therapy. Pamela explained that she works closely with her clients to identify their own dreams and desires. She helps her clients manifest those, guiding the planning and the steps necessary to make those dreams become reality. “It has to be their plan, their dreams, and their ideas,”  Pamela shared; “I help them identify the steps to get there.” Pamela helps people experiencing divorce or singleness, retirement or job changes, recover after loss, address health and wellness issues as well as financial issues including debt relief.

Pamela didn’t start out being a Life Coach. Born and raised in San Francisco, her first marriage found her as a Navy wife, traveling with her husband’s duty stations. She’s been a paralegal, working in law firm administration as well as having been an accountant for businesses. She’s had a lifetime of experiences. Pamela is quite self-sufficient and independent. She bought a motorcycle and traveled all over, making great friends along the way. “It mellows you right out”, Pamela shared. Through it all, Pamela has always loved most to help people.  Pamela loves what she does now, describing it as “so fulfilling.” “We limit ourselves by our own doubts and fears”, Pamela explained. “My goal is to help my clients achieve their dreams, to help them discover, let go and move towards their future.”

Let Pamela coach you to move towards your ideal future and regain balance in your life.  Reach out to Pamela at Agape Vita Raeda at 210-602-3350, at, or on Facebook. ICF #30093981661.





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