Rachael Scott: The Heart and Soul Behind a Unique Business and Real Estate Consulting Firm

By Brian Pouch on June 28, 2024

Real Estate Consulting Firm

Rachael Scott is the driving force behind Scott Consulting. Rachel’s  journey from real estate agent to a multifaceted consultant is nothing short of inspiring. Let’s get to know her better and see how she’s making waves in her hometown of Mill Creek, WA and beyond.

After starting her career in business consulting and learning her clients’ needs, Rachael expanded her expertise to include commercial real estate. Rachael’s services are as varied as they are valuable. She provides comprehensive real estate services, including buying and selling commercial properties, arranging leases for offices, cafes, daycares, and apartments.

Scott - Real Estate Consulting Firm

On the business side, Rachael excels in buying and selling businesses, developing exit strategies, and conducting business valuations. Her knack for tailoring advice to individual clients’ needs sets her apart in the consulting world.

While Rachael doesn’t have a single customer persona, she thrives on working with startups and businesses facing unique challenges. She loves helping them find innovative solutions to their problems regardless of the specific issue at hand.

Rachael’s easygoing nature and personalized approach make her stand out. She’s not your typical consultant in a suit; she’s approachable and relatable. Her clients often feel an immediate connection with her, whether they meet her in a professional setting or bump into her at the grocery store. She believes that people choose to work with her because she is a good listener and communicator. Her wealth of knowledge from past experiences is invaluable, and her bright, sunny disposition makes her a refreshing presence in a field that can often be quite stuffy.

Rachael’s path to consulting was somewhat accidental. Initially working in marketing and online presence for businesses, she discovered a passion for problem-solving and creative brainstorming. Over time, her role evolved into full-fledged business consulting, helping clients tackle bigger challenges.

Rachael’s past is as intriguing as her career. Growing up in a sheltered environment, she developed a strong curiosity and love for new experiences. This background has shaped her into the open-minded and adventurous person she is today. She describes herself as quirky and genuine, with a light that draws people in and makes them feel comfortable and accepted.

Rachael is deeply involved in local business networking. She runs her own group and participates in several others in neighboring cities. Her commitment to the community is evident in her active participation and leadership.

Rachael loves her hometown of Mill Creek. The greenery and nature provide a perfect backdrop for her busy life. She enjoys the balance of city life and seclusion, making Mill Creek an ideal place for her to live and work.  Her hobbies are as diverse as her professional interests. While she’s currently focused on growing her business, she enjoys learning Japanese, practicing martial arts, and exploring new coffee shops. Her friends often turn to her for recommendations on the best places to visit.

Rachael Scott is a dynamic force in the business and real estate consulting world. Her unique approach, shaped by her diverse background and experiences, sets her apart. Whether you’re a startup looking for innovative solutions or a business in need of strategic advice, Rachael Scott is the go-to consultant in the Seattle Metro area and beyond.

Learn more at: ScottConsultingwa.com

Contact:  Rachaelscott.wa@gmail.com

Location: Seattle

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