Jeremy Norris, a Talented Photographer Who Uses His Skills to Help Grow Local Businesses

By Ken Hamilton on November 1, 2023

Photography for businesses

Jacksonville, FL – For the past seven years, Jeremy Norris from Norris Creation has been using his eye for photography to assist businesses in creating images for their brands using professional photography.  Throughout the Jacksonville, Florida area, various businesses have called on Jeremy to elevate their brand, whether it is through social media or on their website.

Norriscreation-Photography for businesses

“Business customers receive a treasure trove of captivating high-resolution photographs at their disposal, empowering them to effortlessly schedule daily social media posts that engage their audience and amplify their online presence,” said Jeremy.

Customers like Devon rave about Jeremy’s work: “Norris Creation Photography has done a wonderful job anytime I need to have photos done professionally. Attention to detail, lighting, and posing along with professionalism and a little fun is what makes Norris Creation so great! If you are looking for a photographer, don’t hesitate to reach out!”

We sat down for a quick interview with Jeremy.

Q: How did you get into this profession?

A: “A series of events led to me becoming a photographer.  When I was in high school football, I found myself going from a star player to injured and on the bench.  Since I still wanted to contribute to the team, I started shooting videos. I made highlight reels for the local teams.  I realized I really enjoyed being behind the camera and later transitioned from video to still photography as it is my true passion.”

Q: What makes you so passionate about this profession?

A: “I enjoy telling a story about a person and a business by capturing a moment in time or an expression on a person’s face.  I feel so much information is conveyed in those moments, and I can truly help businesses to grow by connecting with their customers.”

Q: What makes your business unique?

A: “I recognize the importance of lighting and how that can make or break a good photo.  Using professional equipment is important, though nowhere near as important as the person who is using the equipment and understanding how light interacts with the subjects in the photograph.”

For those of you who are looking for a professional photographer in the Jacksonville area, Jeremy and Norris Creation should be your first choice.  Give Jeremy a call at 919-495-2807 or visit his website at

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