Rescue Your Perfect Day: Defeat Beauty Product Nightmares with Last Minute Hair

By Timothy W. Joseph on July 1, 2023

Last Minute Hair

Chicago, IL – Picture this, you’re getting ready for a blind date, and determined to look your best. You set your appointment with your favorite hair stylist and you have the perfect look in mind. However when you get there, you decide on a different look more suited for the evening.

To you and your stylist’s dismay, they don’t have the exact products on hand to complete that look. The sense of urgency intensifies. The date is tonight, and you don’t have the time to find an alternative or visit all the local beauty supply stores looking for your preferred products. These beauty products hold the power to enhance your features, boost your confidence and ensure a flawless appearance for this momentous and potentially life-changing occasion. So, how can you save the day and make a lasting impression?

Last Minute hair

Luckily, dilemmas like these are soon to be a thing of the past, thanks to Tiffany Shelly, the passionate Founder and CEO behind Last Minute Hair. Last Minute Hair is a game-changer when it comes to providing beauty services that take the chaos out of personal care with exceptional customer service to the Midwest. With a focus on serving the Illinois and Indiana area, Last Minute Hair is dedicated to providing same-day delivery of beauty products while supporting local small businesses.

Tiffany draws from her extensive 16-year background as a licensed cosmetologist working behind the scenes on multiple music videos and as creative director for multiple fashion shows and photo shoots. Tired of running out of products while servicing her clients, Tiffany Shelly established Last Minute Hair in 2019. The name reflects the company’s commitment to meeting the last-minute beauty needs of customers, ensuring they have access to top-notch beauty products whenever they require them.

Last Minute Hair goes beyond simply delivering beauty products to individuals; it also serves as a platform for beauty supply stores to list their entire inventory, acting as a comprehensive inventory management system. Through their innovative Platform-as-a-Service model, Last Minute Hair’s advanced search functionality enables customers to find desired beauty items within a 40-mile radius, guaranteeing swift and efficient delivery.

Last Minute Hair prides itself on its exceptional team of drivers, who can be either freelance or hired on an hourly basis. Not only do they ensure the safe and timely delivery of beauty products, but they also enjoy the benefit of keeping 100% of the tips they receive. The company is currently expanding its team and actively seeking passionate individuals for various positions such as drivers, sales, customer relations and account management.

Last Minute Hair proudly serves the Midwest region with headquarters situated in the vibrant city of Chicago. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Tiffany moved to Chicago in 2005 to pursue her passion for fashion design by attending the Columbia College of Chicago. Recognizing her strong passion for hair care, she honed her skills by acquiring a license from the renowned Steven Papageorge Hair Academy’s cosmetology program. Shelly’s deep-rooted ties to the local community and her extensive experience in the fashion and beauty industry make her the driving force behind Last Minute Hair’s commitment to excellence.


Last Minute Hair not only delivers exceptional beauty products promptly but also embraces personal connections and interests. Founder Tiffany Shelly infuses the company with her unique enthusiasm and passion for connecting with people. Shelly has become a focused and prominent entrepreneur, fueled by an unwavering determination to succeed. Inspired by her two daughters, ages 11 and 7,, she serves as a motivational force, guiding others to take strategic risks and follow through with their aspirations.

In their commitment to giving back to the community and supporting various groups, Last Minute Hair not only extends special offers, but also actively promotes local businesses and non-profit organizations. As part of their current initiative, they are offering a lifetime discount exclusively for early sign-ups before the official launch. To take advantage of this exclusive offer, interested individuals can secure their spot by emailing

Last Minute Hair actively engages with local business networking groups, fostering valuable connections with organizations like Sky’s The Limit, 1871 Chicago, Economic Strategies Development Corporation (ESDC Chicago) and Women’s Business Development Center.

Tiffany has already made amazing strides for her business, raising over $80,000 in capital funds thus far. Last Minute Hair won first place in Black Girl Ventures pitch competition and had an impressive second-place win in the September 2022 pitch competition hosted by TechRise, Chicago. Last Minute Hair is preparing for their upcoming IndieGoGo seed round to raise additional capital to expand their services into additional markets.

Experience the redefined beauty delivery with Last Minute Hair. This platform combines convenience, personalized service and community support to provide an exceptional shopping experience. With a focus on same-day delivery and a commitment to supporting small businesses, Last Minute Hair is the go-to choice for individuals seeking beauty products. Led by Tiffany Shelly, the Founder/CEO, Last Minute Hair strives to exceed expectations.

Visit the website at to explore a wide range of beauty products and experience the convenience that sets Last Minute Hair apart in the industry.

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