Spotlight on Toni Hokanson, Your Trusted Local Insurance Agent

By Ralph Horne on May 30, 2024

Toni Hokanson, Your Trusted Local Insurance Agent

New Paltz, NY – In the charming town of New Paltz, New York, there exists a beacon of reliability and personal touch in the world of insurance, and her name is Toni Hokanson. Operating under the reputable banner of Farmers Insurance, Toni brings a unique blend of expertise, dedication, and a deeply personal approach to the insurance industry.

A Journey through Careers to Insurance

Toni Hokanson, Your Trusted Local Insurance Agent

Toni Hokanson’s path to becoming an insurance agent is as rich and varied as the services she offers. With an impressive background that spans 29 years in healthcare, three terms as a town supervisor, and a stint in marketing for a local environmental company, Toni’s portfolio of experience is diverse. Her venture into insurance began post-furlough during the COVID-19 pandemic, a pivot that utilized her previously acquired insurance license.

“Pivot and embrace change,” Toni says, embodying the resilience and adaptability that have marked her life and careers.

Services Offered

Toni offers a comprehensive range of property and casualty insurance services, catering to both personal and business needs. Her focus? Ensuring her clients’ investments are duly protected while providing unparalleled personalized service. It’s a known grievance among many to battle automated responses and impersonal treatment. Toni counters this frustration by ensuring she’s always reachable, bringing a human touch back into the industry.

A Mission of Protection and Personalized Service

When asked about the main problem she solves for her customers, Toni emphasized the dual importance of safeguarding their investments and providing accessible, personalized service. Unlike the opaque maze of 1-800 numbers, Toni ensures that she and her team are approachable and that their clients feel genuinely supported. Covering any location in New York State, her ideal customers are anyone with property to protect, from homes and businesses to cars and boats.

What Sets Toni Apart?

Honesty and forthrightness are the cornerstones of Toni’s approach. She’s not afraid to tell you if you’ve already got the best deal elsewhere, but she’ll also guide you on how to maximize future savings. This integrity, coupled with actionable advice, distinguishes Toni in the competitive insurance market.

Community and Charity: The Fabric of Toni’s Endeavors

Deeply embedded in her community, Toni is an active Rotarian, a role through which she spearheads a major fundraising event and contributes to various charitable causes, both locally and internationally. From feeding needy families to enhancing education in distant villages, Toni’s commitment to service mirrors the ethos she brings to her business.

Insights and Advice

Toni offers sage advice to anyone looking to navigate the insurance landscape: take accident prevention courses, avoid carrying the state minimum for liability, and maintain stability with your insurance companies. These nuggets of wisdom are born from years of navigating the intricacies of the insurance world and are aimed at helping clients make informed decisions.

Living and Thriving in New Paltz

Toni’s roots in New Paltz run deep, having called it home since 1985. She cherishes the beauty, the cultural vibrancy, and the closeness to nature that the area offers. It’s clear that her personal love for New Paltz reflects the commitment and care she extends to her clients and community.

A Final Word

As our conversation drew to a close, Toni opted not to focus on a single significant event that shaped her journey. Instead, her story unfolds through her varied career paths, her commitment to service, and the thoughtful way she conducts her business. Toni Hokanson is more than just an insurance agent; she’s a pillar of her community, a beacon of trust in the insurance industry, and a testament to the power of resilience and personal connection in business.

For anyone in New York State looking for comprehensive, honest, and personalized insurance services, look no further than Toni Hokanson and her team. Your investments and peace of mind couldn’t be in better hands.

Get in touch with Toni and her team to protect what matters most to you, and experience the convenience and warmth of local personalized service that stands in refreshing contrast to the impersonal giants of the industry.

Come support Toni at the New Paltz Rotary Touch A Truck June 2, 2024 from 9 to 3 at the Ulster County Fairgrounds.

Contact:  Toni Hokanson

Company: Farmers Insurance


Phone # : (845)-256-5045

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