By Les Cseh on May 9, 2022

Nyleco J. Notary Services

Are you looking for someone that can help with and notarize all of your home purchasing documents at once? Someone that knows exactly which lines you need to sign on and which lines the seller needs to sign? May I introduce Jocelyn Sheppard, owner of Nyleco J. Notary Services. Located in Avondale, Arizona, Jocelyn covers all of NorthWest Phoenix and Downtown Phoenix. Nyleco J. Notary Services has been in business for six months. She makes it a point to let you know that “Your Signature Matters!!”

The services Nyleco J. Notary Services provides are: making sure legal documents are authentic, checking the identity of the person(s) signing the document, serving as a witness for the document being signed, collaborating with the buyer and seller. They also provide mobile notary service and remote online notary services. Jocelyn does direct signings for titles, escrows, and mortgage brokers. She says that “Our mission is to help people execute the most important transactions of their lives and to make notarization more convenient, secure and verifiable”.

I asked Jocelyn what she believed set Nyleco J. Notary Services apart from the competition. “Knowing the intricacies of the loan documents from beginning to end, ensuring that it is closed in a timely, efficient and error-free manner. Devoted to detail: verifying all paperwork is complete so that loan signing agent closes on time and correctly,” she replied. I was curious as to how she came up with the name for her business, “Nyleco J. is Jocelyn spelled backwards,” she replied.

I asked Jocelyn a few questions to get to know a little about her outside of the business. She has two children. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland and grew up in New York City. Jocelyn has lived in Avondale for five years. I asked about the most significant thing that has happened to her. She had this to say, “In 2021, The National Notary Association web seminar during Covid-19 was so informative and amazed me how many new educational ideas I came away with”. She is a fan of the Cardinals and the Phoenix Suns. In her spare time, you can find Jocelyn exercising, dancing, playing sports or reading.

How about ratings and reviews? Nyleco J. Notary Services has an amazing 5.0 Google rating! This is what one happy client had to say: “Jocelyn is a very nice lady, very helpful. we will definitely use her again.” – Barbara C. Now, that sounds like a pretty satisfied client to me!

Nyleco J

I asked Jocelyn if she had the chance to give folks a tip on choosing a notary, what would it be? She replied, “Make sure the notary is efficient, pays attention to detail and completes the process in the time frame allotted”. She would like to take time to mention her daughter, Bree, for “pushing me to start up my business and the positive support she always gives me”. The final thing I asked Jocelyn was of the most memorable experience on the job. “My first client scheduled an appointment and I thought we were meeting on Zoom. She showed up at my gate and caught me off guard. It was such a pleasant and comfortable experience, especially as I do not provide a home office,” she replied, chuckling.

If you are in need of a notary to sign those important home documents in a hurry that is fast, friendly and professional, call Jocelyn at Nyleco J Notary Services. Remember, this is a business where “Your Signature Matters!!”

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