Empower Our Youth Foundation: Making a Powerful Impact in the Fight Against Bullying

By Kaye V Love on October 1, 2023

Empower Our Youth

Columbus, Ohio –  Empower Our Youth Foundation, led by Founder and Executive Director Tonya Kelly, is making waves in the battle against bullying. Empower Our Youth Foundation offers a comprehensive range of programs and services aimed at promoting emotional learning, creating a positive school climate, and supporting students affected by bullying. Their flagship program, Epic Kids Academy, provides vital education and resources for children from kindergarten to fifth grade, focusing on prevention, intervention, and support for bullying-related issues.

Empower Our Youth

One standout initiative is their yearly anti-bullying fashion show, which also features a peer mentorship program. This program empowers older students to become advocates and role models for younger children, teaching them how to recognize and address bullying effectively.

Tonya Kelly’s personal experience with bullying (her daughter faced severe challenges and stigmatization) led to the creation of Empower Our Youth Foundation in 2017. Witnessing the devastating consequences of bullying in the digital age, Ms. Kelly was determined to make a difference. Her dedication and passion have earned her several awards and recognitions including the 2022 National Change Maker Award and the 2022 Lincoln County NAACP Empowerment Award.

Empower Our Youth Foundation is committed to expanding its impact nationally and globally. With a five-year plan to reach audiences far and wide, they aim to establish partnerships with organizations that share their vision of creating a bully-free world.

However, the organization faces significant challenges including securing the necessary funding to continue offering their valuable resources. Empower Our Youth Foundation operates on a minimal fee structure, charging between $25 and under for their services. The organization relies on community events to fund experiences like trips to shows, amusement parks, museums, and more for underprivileged youth.

Empower Our Youth - With Children

Tonya Kelly emphasizes the urgent need for funding to sustain and expand their efforts. Bullying is a pervasive issue affecting countless young lives, and it’s time to break the stigma and provide the necessary support.

Empower Our Youth Foundation is actively seeking partnerships with organizations, corporations, and individuals who share their commitment to eradicating bullying. By providing funding, resources, and support, stakeholders can help empower our youth to overcome the challenges they face.

For more information about Empower Our Youth Foundation and how you can get involved, please visit https://empowerouryouthfoundation.org or contact Tonya Kelly directly at 614-373-6824 or email info@empowerouryouthfoundation.org

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our youth and put an end to bullying.

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