Jonathan May Protects the Financial & Personal Interests of the Residents of Miami with Compassion & Expertise and Gives All Glory to God

By Syed Ahmed on April 25, 2021

Jonathan May

For the past 7 years, Jonathan May of The Lions’ Den, Attorneys At Law and his result-oriented, compassionate, and qualified team of lawyers and assistants have actively provided legal services specializing in Business Litigation, International Law, Real Estate Law, and Family Law to the residents of Miami, Florida.

Jonathan, who is a devout Christian and the owner of The Lions’ Den, Attorneys At Law, has been a resident of Miami for the past 15 years.  He has been recognized as a 2020 Superlawyers “Rising Star” and is a natural-born strategist.  He grew his abilities with strategy by seeking out competitive strategic activities growing up and as an adult, like coaching collegiate and high school football, playing chess, and many other strategic activities.

Jonathan is what we like to call a Local Biz Hero, a self-made entrepreneur, who brings true value to his community. High standards of professionalism and the strong work ethics of small business owners like Jonathan are the infrastructures of Miami’s economy.

Do not take it from me, just look at what some of his grateful clients say about his work on Google:


  1. I had the great opportunity to be represented by Mr. Jonathan May. From the moment, we had our first meeting I knew I was not only in good hands, but also been represented by a professional with plenty of experience to win my case. Not only I was able to resolve everything in record time, but also with an amazing result. I strongly recommend his Law Firm to anyone out there that needs a professional attorney. Thanks again for your service, Mr. May.


  1.  “Jon May and the Lions’ Den attorneys are true legal experts that really care about their clients. They are highly knowledgeable, professional, and provide exceptional service. With expertise in several areas of the law, I trust them with all of my legal needs.”


Jonathan started a church named Connecting Christ, which is mostly virtual via YouTube and a podcast on iTunes and Spotify but also has weekly meetings in South Beach.  Attorney May often volunteers with charitable organizations to help the community of Miami and the communities outside Miami.

We sat down with Jonathan for a quick interview –

Q: Why do you do what you do?

A: “There’s an expression in the bible that says that God opens doors and closes doors. After law school, I did not have many opportunities to work for law firms, but deep down, I knew that I wanted to start my law practice, so I was forced to take steps to start my law firm, The Lions’ Den, Attorneys at Law. I took a lot of advice and conducted a lot of research, and continuously learned every day. I built my foundation on God and then was able to improve every day to where I am now. Also, I knew my strengths were that I love people and am naturally a leader. These strengths helped me thrive in the legal environment, which I am thankful for because there are many areas where I would not be nearly as successful. Most importantly, I enjoy the learning aspect with each case and applying my legal knowledge to my own life and those that I try to advise as well.”

 Q: What sets you apart from the competition?

A: “Each attorney is vastly different in communication & strategy; you want an attorney that’s well versed with the law and adaptable to the situation, and great at communication. We aggressively advocate for our clients with passion and a sense of urgency. We research relentlessly and complete tasks promptly to obtain the best outcome for our clients. I am a professor and expert in communications, public speaking, debate, persuasion, and business communication, and I have taught at more than 15 universities. These qualifications have helped me provide excellent client communication and help me effectively advocate for the client’s interest in court. Also, our firm is uniquely experienced in litigation. We strive to get you what you deserve and what you are entitled to.

Q: What made you come up with this business name?

A: “I do my best to glorify Jesus and the laws of justice. A lion symbolizes strength, leadership, and nobility. We seek to master the legal system, respect our opponents, the judges, our clients, and the judicial system in general.

The name is inspired by the old testament story of Daniel and the Lions’ Den. In 605 B.C., King Darius made a decree that anyone who prayed to God and did not worship the King would be thrown into the lions’ den as a punishment of death. Daniel was a strong believer and continued to pray despite these laws. His jealous coworkers caught him praying and told the King. The King did not want to punish Daniel, as he respected Daniel, but followed through with the law and punishment that he created. Thus, Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den at sundown. At sunrise, they removed the stone that enclosed the lions’ den and was shocked to find Daniel unharmed by the lions. The king felt manipulated by Daniel’s accusers and regretted his actions towards Daniel. He then punished Daniel’s accusers, and they were thrown into the Lions’ Den, but unlike Daniel, they were eaten by the hungry lions.​” See Daniel 6:1-28

Q: If you could share one tip with the readers for choosing an international law and business litigation attorney, what would it be?

A: “You want someone who has the experience, who communicates and negotiates extremely well, has foresight, empathy, and is excellent at problem-solving, and analyzes situations effectively. Great results are expensive, but a great attorney is far beyond the value of the service. I try to ensure that my value is always greater than what my clients pay.”


For those of you who are looking for quality service by an attorney who is licensed to practice before the Southern District of Florida Federal Court, Immigration Court, Tax Court, and Bankruptcy Court and whose main purpose is to use the legal system to enforce people to comply with their agreements by the law and who not only work in a system that forces people to follow the legal system but, most importantly, helps them to strategize a plan on how they can leverage the legal system to benefit them, Jonathan May and The Lions’ Den, Attorney At Law should be your first choice. They bring integrity and authenticity to every client interaction they have. Call Jonathan at (305) 699-5466, or visit to schedule a prepaid consultation.



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