MXI- technology development, business strategy, strategic planning

Unleashing Innovation with MXI Consulting: An Interview with Justin Spears

By Del Cromartie on July 24, 2024

Orlando, FL – In a world where businesses are constantly seeking ways to innovate and...

Cybersecurity and IT Solutions

Cyber Protect LLC: Your Trusted Partner in Cybersecurity and IT Solutions

By Del Cromartie on July 24, 2024

Cyber Protect LLC is a powerhouse in the cybersecurity and IT services industry. Founded by...

Flip City Academy

Meet Lisa and Buck Mears: The Heart Behind Flip City Academy

By Jennifer Boyd on July 24, 2024

Foley, AL – Lisa Mears and her husband Buck Mears are the passionate owners of...

John's Center for integrated medicine

Meet Dr. John Dempster, ND: A Leader in Functional Medicine

By on July 24, 2024

Toronto, Canada – Toronto’s healthcare landscape boasts a variety of skilled practitioners, but one name...

On the Marc Patient Advocacy Services

Local Business Spotlight: On the Marc Patient Advocacy Services in Long Island

By Faouzi Rhouat on July 24, 2024

Long Island, NY – In the heart of our community stands a beacon of support...

Leilani Daines Volkman realtor

Meet Leilani Daines Volkman: The Real Estate Agent Transforming Utah’s Property Market

By Chelsea Hart on July 24, 2024

Bountiful, UT – Leilani Daines Volkman, a native of Utah and mother of three, is...

About Umbrella Local Heroes

Umbrella Local is a national digital marketing agency with locations in almost every state. Our main focus is to grow the sales of local businesses with digital marketing.

The Umbrella Local Heroes is an initiative started in COVID19 times to provide local businesses more online exposure and get them familiar with the power of digital marketing.

Umbrella Local’s Marketing Experts provide free consulting, free PR articles and free social advertising to support these local businesses.

If you’re a local business that wants to grow, contact us today.

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Nostalgique- beyond catering

From Dream to Reality: The Journey of Ruben Bernacet and Nastalgique Hospitality Group

By Adam Dailey on July 24, 2024

The Bronx, NY – Starting a business is never easy, and for Ruben Bernacet, CEO...

spiritual coaching, teaching, and motivational speaking

Nikki Kirby: The Enchanting Entrepreneur Behind Moonlight Potions & Charms

By Faouzi Rhouat on July 24, 2024

Forest City, NC – In the heart of North Carolina, there’s a magical place where...

helping businesses grow and thrive

CEO Jerrod Smith Makes Sure You Get the Right Financial Support at Lonestar Valor Funding

By Del Cromartie on July 23, 2024

San Antonio, TX – Lonestar Valor Funding specializes in a wide range of business funding...

Affordable junk removal

Meet Lucas Lorenzo: CEO of Affordable Junk Removal Experts LLC

By Jannis Bothe on July 23, 2024

Milwaukee, WI – Lucas Lorenzo leads Affordable Junk Removal Experts LLC, serving Milwaukee and nearby...

Heartfelt Spaces

Heartfelt Spaces: How C.R. Joy Brings Positivity to Every Home

By Jannis Bothe on July 23, 2024

The Bronx, NY – Cynthia Robinson, founder of Heartfelt Spaces, has recently made a significant...

Meet Annakay Lyttle: Your One-Stop Solution for Real Estate in Northern and Central Jersey

By Tracie Rivers on July 23, 2024

Randolph, NJ – In the bustling real estate market of Northern and Central Jersey, one...

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Take a Break Massage

Revitalize Your Workday: Transforming Mundane Tasks into Moments of Wellness with Take a Break Massage (TAB)

By Trevor Eisenman on July 22, 2024

Aurora, CO – In today’s fast-paced work environment, the daily grind often leaves employees feeling...

Workforce Charm - Your compass to career excellence

Vanessa Anello: Empowering Administrative Professionals Through Workforce Charm

By Del Cromartie on July 21, 2024

Staten Island, NY – Vanessa Anello, a professional development consultant, is the dynamic founder of...

Pat Fisher, Global Luxury Realtor

Building Dreams with Pat Fisher, Global Luxury Realtor

By Samson Colborn on July 21, 2024

Pat Fisher is a seasoned real estate professional with a unique niche. As a Global...

Haystack LLC. Leading the Software Industry

Meet Seth Hollingsead: The Innovator Behind Haystacks LLC

By Faouzi Rhouat on July 21, 2024

Huntsville, AL – In the bustling town of Huntsville, Alabama, local businesses are the heartbeat...

Spade Darko, A Maestro of Melody

Spade Darko: A Maestro of Melody and a Wizard in the World of Music Production

By Faouzi Rhouat on July 21, 2024

Jacksonville, FL – In the realm of music and digital artistry, Spade Darko stands as...

Building Confident Learners

Gymboree Play & Music: Building Confident Learners in Southlake, Texas

By Bradley Johnson on July 21, 2024

Southlake, TX – If you are looking for fun play and music classes to help...