Christopher Trippiedi

R&R Auto Systems wants to focus on your car so you can focus on the road

By Jacqui Meeks on April 28, 2021

Christopher Trippiedi and R&R Auto Systems is a family-owned business that provides Car Care you...

Stuart Freeman

f20 Photography Wants to Frame Business Owners In Gloucester!

By Mark Edwards on April 25, 2021

For the past fifteen months, Stuart Freeman has been photographing and offering branding advice to...

Jonathan May

Jonathan May Protects the Financial & Personal Interests of the Residents of Miami with Compassion & Expertise and Gives All Glory to God

By Syed Ahmed on April 25, 2021

For the past 7 years, Jonathan May of The Lions’ Den, Attorneys At Law and...

Bob and Jewania Zarbo

Bob and Jewania Zarbo are Leading the Solar Revolution in West Texas

By Syed Ahmed on April 25, 2021

For the past 11 years, Bob and Jewania Zarbo of Heartland Solar have been actively...

Tom Murnan

Tom Murnan – Omaha Door & Window

By Dr. Henry Sanon on April 22, 2021

For six decades now, Omaha Door & Window has been installing doors and windows for...

Love Needs Help Marriage Therapy

By Chris Richmond on April 22, 2021

Alik Segal knows that the worst point in a relationship is when you want to...

About Umbrella Local Heroes

Umbrella Local is a national digital marketing agency with locations in almost every state. Our main focus is to grow the sales of local businesses with digital marketing.

The Umbrella Local Heroes is an initiative started in COVID19 times to provide local businesses more online exposure and get them familiar with the power of digital marketing.

Umbrella Local’s Marketing Experts provide free consulting, free PR articles and free social advertising to support these local businesses.

If you’re a local business that wants to grow, contact us today.

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Malcolm Roberts

Small Business Owners In San Diego Are Turning To Malcolm Roberts

By George Sloane on April 20, 2021

In 2014, a unique opportunity came along for Malcolm Roberts. While working for a larger...

Joshua Lopez

Joshua Lopez Could Be Your Defense Attorney!

By George Sloane on April 20, 2021

Since 2016, Joshua Lopez has been defending folks involved in DUI, drug, and criminal cases...

Helen Pinkett

Helen Pinkett Wants to Transform Everyone in Bradford-on-Avon!

By Mark Edwards on April 16, 2021

For the past five years, Alignment Coach and Energy Practitioner, Helen Pinkett, has been coaching...

Doran Justice Team

Chris Doran Wants to Represent Everyone in Phoenix Arizona!

By Mark Edwards on April 16, 2021

For the past fifteen months, Chris Doran and his Doran Justice (“Doing Justice”) team of...

Lizz Cannon

Immigration attorney Lizz Cannon. Specializing in winning I-601 waivers.

By Dominique Bandet on April 16, 2021

For the past 10 years, Immigration attorney Lizz Cannon has been helping grant VISAs and...

Hamza Alhabarneh

All Star Carpet Cleaning

By Chris Richmond on April 15, 2021

All-Star Carpet Cleaning’s Hamza Alhabarneh is a local business leader and a success story, recently...

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Matthew Paré

Attorney Matthew Paré, APC Wants to Personally Help you Win Your Personal Injury Case

By Jack Connors on April 12, 2021

For the past 12 years, Matthew has been involved in every aspect of each of...

Stan Perkins

Attorney Stan Perkins Loves To Mentor Young Lawyers

By George Sloane on April 12, 2021

For the past 30 plus years, Stan Perkins has been assisting clients with personal injury...

Julian Bailey

Julian Bailey at Bailey European wants to make you comfortable with your car repair choice

By Jack Connors on April 9, 2021

After a great career as a star water polo player at Cal, Julian needed to...

Ronald E. Kaldor

When their License is on the Line, Healthcare Pros Turn to Ronald E. Kaldor for that Special Solution

By Trevor Eisenman on April 7, 2021

  For decades, Ronald E. Kaldor has been listening and listening with intent. An intent...

Sunny Wang

Helping People Enjoy Their Money Is An Essential Goal For Sunny Wang!

By Henry Sanon on April 1, 2021

For the past 20+ years, Sunny Wang at Essence Wealth & Insurance Services has been...

Johnny Hawkins

The Warrior Lawyer is Here to Protect Michiganders

By Christopher Benson on March 31, 2021

For the past 25 years, Johnny Hawkins and his hand-picked team of results-oriented legal professionals...